Councillor and daughter ‘victims of online bullying’ over cross-Solent travel scheme plans

Cllr Mosdell says the abuse that she and her daughter were subjected to during the consultation to scrap the cross-Solent travel scheme was unacceptable.

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A councillor has spoken out after abusive messages were sent to her daughter during a controversial consultation into cross-Solent patient travel.

Last November, cabinet member for adult social care, Cllr Clare Mosdell, announced a review into the £60,000 fund for cancer and kidney patients travelling for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and dialysis.

Mosdell: Absolutely appalling trauma
After the cabinet voted unanimously to continue the fund last night, she revealed:

“The trauma this consultation brought to my house, that I can only bring into the public domain now, has been absolutely appalling.”

Mosdell: “A victim online of bullying”
Cllr Mosdell, who lost her father to cancer ten years ago, said the consultation had been a ‘real journey’ for her family.

She said:

“The thing I wanted to question was, what is acceptable in the public domain and how people should be treated? The abuse I was subjected to with this consultation, I felt, was unacceptable.

“But when my daughter is being inboxed and messaged ‘You don’t know what it’s like to feel someone die of cancer’, when she actually lost her grandfather when she was only 13 years old — I think it’s a step too far.

“Where is the line drawn that you are no longer a councillor, but a victim online of bullying, and that bullying is taken into your personal life and to your children?”

Home addresses to be withheld
Cllr Mosdell said councillors should be able to defend themselves from bullying and abuse publicly.

New legislation is being brought in that will mean those standing for the council at the next election would not have to disclose their address.

Council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, said this was due to similar concerns of bullying.

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Alternative Perspective

Abuse in all its forms is unacceptable, period.

That goes for abuse of Councillors, and the Councils targeted Abuse of the weak and vulnerable in our island community, with their continuous attack on essential services.


This is awful for Councillor Mosdell + her daughter to be subjected to online bullying whilst doing her job.
Equally unacceptable were the nasty, vicious, personal comments made verbally + very publicly to Councillor Andre by Councillor Misdell during last months Full Council meeting.

Eagle eye
Bullying in any form is unacceptable. However, I believe that County Councils, Town and Parish Councils have lost their way. It was considered a civil duty to represent the people of your area and make it a better place to live. Sadly, most councils now seem to be run by unelected officers and councillors see themselves as overlords. I think councillors and council officers need to remember… Read more »

Town and Parish councillors receive no money for the role. They are volunteers only. You can volunteer yourself for the next elections in 2021, and show everyone else how it’s done.

Eagle eye
If I thought I could make a difference I would. The problem is you have people who have been a councillor for so long they wont accept change or listen to a councillor who is new in post. The recent debacle in Bembridge is a good example. At County Hall you have too many people, both officers and councillors who are not listening to the residents they… Read more »

Wrong obviously, but one comment does not constitute bullying. What perhaps might constitute bullying is this Government and Conservative Council stripping away the most needed services from the most vulnerable in society, which is unnecessary and cruel.


One way to avoid online bullying & abuse is to not log on to the “Everyone is entitled to my opinion” platforms like Twatter in the first place: lay down with donkeys & you’re probably gonna catch fleas.

A friend of mine is crossing to the mainland FIVE DAYS A WEEK for chemotherapy currently; that us the real story that was conveniently buried under the chosen news brief.

Oh dear, its such a shame when people are vile to each other. I can understand how feelings run high but you can’t wish people ill and obviously, Clare Mosdell’s daughter should not have been vented at in any way. I hope politicians have the training to cope with this type of thing and that Clare Mosdell can access this support as I should imagine it is… Read more »