The David Pugh / Wightlink directorship rumour

The current David Pugh rumour is that he’s going to be made a director of Wightlink. We’ve attempted to prove or disprove it.

David Pugh

An unconfirmed rumour reached OnTheWight yesterday that ex-Leader of the Isle of Wight council, David Pugh, is to take up a position with ferry company Wightlink.

Those who live on the Island will be aware that rumours spread here like wildfire and can often have no basis in fact.

Confirmation/denial sought
Given the public interest in the story we contacted both David and Wightlink.

So far, only Wightlink have responded, saying, “We don’t comment on speculation of this type.”

Previous wild speculation
This isn’t the first time there’s been speculation – some of it pretty wild – about David Pugh, who lost his seat at the 2013 election. Previous examples have included working with Chris Whitehouse’s Westminster lobby company and a job with Eric Pickles MP, neither of which have turned out to be true.

Current role
David is currently a director with Cratus Communications, which describe themselves as being involved with “Public Affairs, political engagement, community engagement, planning”.

Thursday, 19th September, 2013 5:09pm



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Email updates?

I heard a rumour that no-one actually cares what David Pugh does anymore.


If he does he’ll be closing the toilets and throwing the tourist brochures overboard. For the sake of the Island he needs to exit stage door right .. as far away as possible and take the old dinosaur Hollis and others with him


However, we do care about the ferry which is our lifeline, so by extension we have to care about the competence of the people running it. (The Red Funnel route to Southampton doesn’t suit every one)


Just when you thought it was safe to cross the Solent! (Cue Jaws theme tune)! :-))

Stewart Blackmore

Maybe he will be appointed for his experience in controlling Wightlink’s excesses, such as keeping fares low and ensuring that timetables cannot be arbitralily cancelled. You think?


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….

Wightlink, just say No.


Next time I book online I will check if there are any additional tick boxes that state “did you vote Tory or Independant”. Tory gets a 20% discount, Independant a 20% increase. Then we’ll know.

Island Monkey

But what use would he actually be to Wightlink?

Serious replies welcome.


Maybe they have a door that needs wedging open?

Serious reply.


Have you any idea how many paperclips are needed in an organisation like Wightlink? And so often misused, I’m sorry to say…

Black Dog

If this is true I use this forum to deliver a message to Pugh, Wightlink and their owners – It was done before and it will be done again even if we ultimately sees the demise of Wightlink.


My first thoughts were that I wouldn’t trust him with the remote control to my TV, but then I thought, “what the heck, he couldn’t make Wightlink any worse could he?” May be a good thing, as I bet AT will get behind the pro fixed link people this time, having got no change from the office of fair trading?


It will be very annoying if it proves that DP gets a job that seems in retrospect to have been obtained by kow-towing to the same company while he was ‘in office’.


I guess they want him for his outstanding leadership qualities *sniggers*

After all, he has an amazing CV really before becoming a councillor:

1) Conservative Central Office tea boy

2) Sales assistant in a stationary shop in Shanklin

I mean, what company wouldn’t want a track record like that?


It’s also the 10th anniversary of the Daily Mirror report of his ‘cheating b*****d’ vote-rigging! (11.09.2003, p.20 apparently).

Didn’t he also drop out of uni. – twice…?

Might there be more deserving candidates for the job?


Oh no! It’s that smug picture again. I’m sure that OTW only use it because they know it annoys me (and I suspect some others).


Yes, on May 2nd we cheered at seeing the last of it, but here we are, being tortured again!

Janet Scott

You would wonder where I was if I didn’t wholeheartedly agree!


Talking of mugshots, have you ever noticed the uncanny similarity, when caught at certain angles, between Pugh and President Bashar al-Assad of Syria? And you never see the two of them in the same room…

James Luke

My personal experience of both David Pugh and Wightlink is very similar.

They both ignore my emails.

When they do respond, they both tell me why I’m wrong.

Sounds like they share the same cultural beliefs.


So from the last comment do I take it that Mr Pugh is Wightlink’s new communcication officer.

James Luke

We should not pre-judge any appointment until all the facts are known. Recruitment is a serious business, akin to a quasi-judicial process, and there is clearly scaremongering by left wing voters.


Communists, even…..

On the other hand, non-political, Independent voters.

There’s nothing we can add now to DP’s self-made reputation to date.

esther cowsley

James that comment made me laugh out loud….don’t worry I got the irony!


Could the PughTube response become the company’s standard reply to annoying communications?


Could the PughTube response become the company’s standard reply to annoying communications?


Computer glitch!; twice I tried to reply to Skippy’s coms. comment, but mine appears in the wrong place. Never mind.


James Luke tells us not to scaremonger tells us not to pre judge so where did the leftie comment come from. Most peoples opinions come from reputation.

daft old duffer

I’m a trifle dismayed by all the mockery of our David.
After all, you can hardly blame the lad for trying.
And a glance at his record shows that he has consistantly been very, very, trying indeed.