Dream ski holiday ends in ‘filthy’ hospital from hell (video)

An Isle of Wight resident who was injured whilst on a ski holiday in Bulgaria tells us she’s spent the last six days in hospital with a lack of care, no hot water, dirty bedding and not even a seat on the toilet.

dirty pillow jacqui skeel

An Isle of Wight woman who was hospitalised whilst on a dream ski holiday in Bulgaria has told OnTheWight of the ‘filthy’ conditions she’s been subjected to and how the company dealing with her insurance have been little help.

Jacqui Skeel arrived in Borovets just over a week ago and was having a great holiday until Wednesday morning when “a reckless skier ploughed into me and wiped me out”. Whilst she was on the floor waiting for mountain rescue, someone else crashed into her.

“Filthy” conditions
After being transferred to Samokov Hospital, Jacqui was given a CT scan and told she’d fractured her pubic bone. After being admitted to the ward, she was advised to arrange repatriation immediately.

Jacqui explains,

“The only ‘care’ you get here is medication. There is no hot water, they don’t supply any drinks, you get a slice of bread for breakfast and bowl of broth for lunch nothing else.

“It’s filthy, dodgy electrics everywhere, no hand hygiene, the nurse will bring the bed pan, go rinse it off and take to someone else. Just awful, horrible.”

Dirty toilet

TIFGROUP have “been little help”
Jacqui went on to say that the medical emergency service provided by TIFGROUP, have “been little help”.

Beds in the Bulgarian hospital

She said they haven’t called back when they’ve said they would despite Jacqui repeatedly asking to be moved since the day of admission due to the insanitary conditions and lack of basic care.

The group have via Twitter today stated that someone would be in touch,

This video shows the extent of the conditions at the hospital where Jacqui has been forced to spend the last six days.

Extra distress
It’s still not clear when Jacqui will be transferred home, but the incident couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“My mum died in September so it’s been a difficult weekend for me, I wasn’t able to get home to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter and have been very distressed.”

Monday, 12th March, 2018 2:31pm


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