Drunk pair rescued from Isle of Wight cemetery after being lost for two hours in the dark

Lucky for this pair that they were rescued by the Fire Service before the ‘small tornado’ swept through the town

east cowes cemetery entrance

Two ‘intoxicated people’ were freed from East Cowes Cemetery last night (Wednesday) by firefighters.

A call was made to the emergency services around 9.30pm after the two became trapped inside the cemetery.

According to the Fire Service, they had been lost in the dark for two hours and were very cold and wet.

Helped prevent a larger tragedy
A taxi was called or them and the Fire Service say their intervention helped prevent a larger tragedy on a cold and wet night.

A small tornado (or similar) was thought to have happened in Cowes and East Cowes last night.

Source: Isle of Wight Radio and County Press

Image: © Google Maps/Streetview

Thursday, 13th February, 2020 11:45am


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Mark L Francis

Oh, come on…we’ve all done it.
At least it keeps them out of Newport leeching off the McDonalds Free Wi-Fi.