Essential tree work at Big Mead starts next week

Following inspections of hundreds of trees around the park, the Isle of Wight Council has identified 65 which need work. Details within

Big Mead pond

Essential work is starting next week at Shanklin’s Big Mead park, with the aim of keeping park visitors safe. 

Following inspections of hundreds of trees around the park, the Isle of Wight Council has identified 65 which need work. 

Many can be made safe by removal of limbs or other minor works, but some will need to be removed.

Where prominent trees are taken down, the planned work includes planting new trees next winter to ensure the popular park keeps its distinctive tree-lined landscape for future generations.  

Hastings: We want to increase tree cover on council land
Cabinet member for environment, heritage and waste management, Councillor Steve Hastings, explained,

“The Isle of Wight Council is proud to be the custodian of woodlands and trees across the Island, from nature reserves to industrial estates.

“We want to increase tree cover on council land by planting more trees in the future, and working with local people to conserve and enhance our natural assets for generations to come.

“We understand the social, cultural, environmental and economic value of our trees and woodlands, and this is at the forefront of our tree management strategy.

“Our trees are regularly assessed by competent tree experts, and sometimes this means that we need to do work to keep them safe for everybody.  

“Where appropriate, we’ll also be planting trees, and in Big Mead that will be going on next winter, to give the new trees the best chance to get established.

“We’ll be doing the same exercise in other places in the future, including Ventnor Park and Rylstone Gardens. So if you see work going on, please be reassured that we’re committed to keeping our public open spaces safe for everyone – with plenty of trees and woodland.”

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, in their own words. Ed

Image: © Michael Garlick

Wednesday, 3rd March, 2021 3:39pm



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5 Comments on "Essential tree work at Big Mead starts next week"

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It is nesting season. Why are they doing this now? ( why at all given their penchant for butchery ).

Benny C

Good point. Let’s have a reply to that.

Benny C

Perhaps if the IOW planning committee stopped granting consent for more and more out of town retail boxes we could plant or retain a few more trees and protect Newport town centre into the bargain. Probably a bit too obvious I guess.

Angela Hewitt
It’s not all about planting trees. It is about saving and preserving vetran trees. Many potential vetran trees were lost through ship building 2-300 yrs ago. This left a gap in the growth cycle with no ancient trees coming along to replace the current remaining ones. Newly planted oaks over the past 100 yrs will not come along quickly enough to replace the ancient trees. This will… Read more »

Some Councils actively prohibit tree & hedge work between March & September; IOW CC & the services they contract out to, seem
grossly ignorant or uncaring about such environmental impacts. Unfit forpurpose IMO