Event for those concerned about future of NHS services on the Isle of Wight?

Regardless of the political affiliation, all are welcome to attend next week’s screening of the documentary, Sell-Off: The Abolition of Your NHS, made by NHS professionals who have many decades of experience.

save the nhs

Colleen shares details of this upcoming event. Ed

Find out more about the campaign to save our NHS on the Isle of Wight at this free event hosted by Island Labour and organised by local NHS activists.

The evening is open to anyone who relies on the NHS, regardless of the political affiliation and takes place on Wednesday 21st February, 7pm, at Aspire Ryde.

Experts with no hidden agenda
It will include a film screening of the documentary film Sell-Off, but importantly, speakers will talk about the local and national situation.

We want as many members of the public to see the film as possible, because we trust the NHS professionals who made it. Between them, they have many decades of experience working as doctors, nurses, consultants and administration managers within the NHS.

They have no hidden agenda and nothing to gain from making this movie. They have a message for the public about the NHS, one they have risked their careers and reputations to stand up and deliver to us, one they, and we, believe it is vital we all hear, if we want to protect the health service we all rely on. The film is not only very informative, but entertaining ans easy to follow,

Find out more about local situation
This is not just a free film screening. There will be speakers, talking about the national and local situation.

What will the recently announced cuts to St Mary’s mean to Island residents, and how does this all fit into the wider picture? Why is this happening at all, and is it necessary?

We hope anyone who cares about the NHS, who has an open mind and some free time on Wednesday evening, will come to listen, and to talk together about what is happening to our NHS.

Crucially, its aim is to share ideas about how we can ensure it is there, publicly funded and publicly accountable, providing a universal, free-at-the-point-of-use, world class health care service for our children for generations to come.

Other events planned
Kay Smith, Island Labour CLP Campaigns Officer, said,

“We are delighted to be showing the film at Aspire Ryde, with further similar events around the Island over the coming months.

“One of our clear intentions of these meetings is to help people understand the Acute Services Redesign Document and what that actually means in reality for services at St Mary’s Hospital.”

All are welcome. and refreshments will be available for a donation at your discretion.

Once costs of event are covered, any extra donations received will be split equally between the crowdfunding for the J4NHS campaign and the making of the ‘sequel’ to sell off, The Great NHS Heist.

Image: rohinfrancis under CC BY 2.0

Saturday, 17th February, 2018 10:44am


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