Letter: Isle of Wight MP must be held accountable for his vote against a clause to protect NHS in trade deals

NHS poster simon wells

This reader urges Islanders to challenge Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely, and ask him why he voted as he did against a clause that would have guaranteed protection for the NHS in any future trade negotiations

Monday, 27th July, 2020 8:22am

By Colleen Brannon with 11 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council petition scheme a charade, says mental health day care centre petitioner

mental health

Colleen Brannon shares her thoughts following the rejection of her 7,000 signature strong petition calling on the council to reconsider plans to close mental health day care centres.

Thursday, 25th July, 2019 1:39pm

By Colleen Brannon with 7 readers' comments

Credibility of Isle of Wight council’s Mental Health Blueprint commitment challenged by campaigners and service users

People at the mental health meeting

We're told that austerity is over, but the group campaigning to save the Isle of Wight's mental health day centes believe "the books are balanced on the backs of our most vulnerable friends, family and neighbours" and they challenge the credibility of council's commitment to 'listen to service users'.

Monday, 10th June, 2019 8:25am

By Colleen Brannon with 3 readers' comments

Have your voice heard: Public meeting to discuss Isle of Wight council’s plans to close mental health day centres

depressed man looking out of window through venetian blinds by Ethan Sykes

All those who will be impacted by the planned closures of the mental health day centres are encouraged to attend this public meeting next week to ensure your voice is heard, including family, friends and concerned residents.

Tuesday, 28th May, 2019 11:58am

By Colleen Brannon

End the SEND Crisis – ‘We cannot continue to fail Isle of Wight children’, say Save Our Schools IW

end send crisis

Save our Schools IW say that taking care of children, making sure they have every opportunity to thrive, is surely the most basic measure of our own humanity and success as a community and invite others to join them at demo on the 30th May.

Monday, 13th May, 2019 9:30am

By Colleen Brannon

Closure of mental health day centres ‘a cut too far’ says Islander saved from suicide

george brewer on bbc news

A former service user at one of the Isle of Wight's mental health day centres, shares his story of being saved from suicide and why he believes closing the centres will be false economy that could end in tragedy.

Monday, 29th April, 2019 7:39am

By Colleen Brannon with 3 readers' comments

Heartfelt plea to Islanders as petition to save Isle of Wight mental health day centres launched

depressed by Kiran Foster

Colleen Brannon shares a heartfelt plea to Islanders to support this petition calling on the Isle of Wight council to rethink closure of mental health day centres.

Friday, 26th April, 2019 12:36pm

By Colleen Brannon with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight women take Island motion to Women’s Conference

colleen, marzen and maria

Four Isle of Wight women joined 1,000+ others at the first stand-alone Women’s Conference arranged by the Labour Party in 20+ years and an Island Labour motion was chosen to go to the National Conference.

Tuesday, 26th February, 2019 9:57am

By Colleen Brannon with one comment

Call for Isle of Wight council to recognise vital work of Law Centre

outside the iw law centre

Colleen Brannon from Island Labour shares the speech she will make at tonight's full council meeting, in defence of the Law Centre, which provides help to vulnerable Islanders and says it saved the council between £1.5-£1.9m in 2017.

Wednesday, 16th January, 2019 9:49am

By Colleen Brannon

Isle of Wight women determined to play their part

island labour women

Female members of the Isle of Wight Labour Party came together last week and heard impassioned speeches about how Island women can help empower others to represent their communities.

Monday, 10th December, 2018 2:47pm

By Colleen Brannon

Heartfelt plea to stand with others against Isle of Wight budget cuts

Collection of No Cuts banners

Colleen is asking Islanders to stand together on Saturday to protest against the proposed £5.5m of cuts to be made by the Isle of Wight council. She explains why she believes it's important for Islanders to come together over these plans.

Wednesday, 7th November, 2018 9:55am

By Colleen Brannon

Show your support for SEN parents and pupils on the Isle of Wight

save our schools - logo

Save our Isle of Wight Schools campaign will be marching for SEN children and their families on Wednesday 30th. Meet at 2pm in St Thomas's Square, Newport.

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018 4:34pm

By Colleen Brannon with 3 readers' comments