Exciting new proposals for the Columbine Building revealed

Having received unanimous local support, the East Cowes Arts and Culture Group are now seeking expressions of interest and support.

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Jules Wright, Tracy Reardon and Sharon Lake from the
East Cowes Arts and Culture Group share this exciting news. Ed

The East Cowes Arts and Culture Group have a vision and are exploring the potential for a Centre of Excellence in Science, Technology, Innovation by bringing an arts and cultural experience to the Columbine Building in East Cowes.

Whilst in full support of the building being utilised for employment it has been widely publicised that the marine industry currently housed there will be relocated to Kingston Marine Park.

Long-term business case needed
As part of the East Cowes Regeneration Project Team the group have been informed that a long term business case for the building will need to be conducted.

They firmly believe that this alternative opportunity should be seriously considered and explored as a viable, alternative option in the event of any future proposals for residential development of the Columbine building.

Part of the V&A museum group
They would like to propose for consideration, that the magnificent industrial Columbine Building on East Cowes historic waterfront, is used as an arts/cultural community resource as part of the V&A museum group.

“A recent development opportunity has emerged on the waterfront that we feel has the potential to become the perfect destination, we would like to initiate talks with the V&A Museum, Kensington in order to bring the V&A East Cowes to life.

“With its obvious links to Queen Victoria’s beloved Osborne House and Prince Albert, who helped to spark an era of technical innovation in mid 1800s, there is the potential to create a unique experience here on the Island as part of the Medina Valley regeneration.”

Expression of interest being sought
Having received unanimous local support they are now looking for expressions of interest and support from the IWC and possible stakeholders, which will enable them to initiate conversations with the V&A museum and other potential partners.

For further information regards the proposal you can contact the East Cowes Arts & Culture Group by emailing [email protected]

Image: ronsaunders47 under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 7th April, 2019 6:27pm


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If this, or any other, venture is to succeed, for goodness sake do not involve IWC. They can’t organise a floating bridge on a spring tide!

If innovation is to be a key to this proposal then it needs a stronger emphasis on research and development. Why not incorporate a university or business-led R&D centre as part of this proposal? Offering specialist marine engineering courses here for local young people would also be good and using the space to raise the profile of these key skills and give schools and teachers a chance… Read more »
First impressions of this idea.. it’s completely nuts. Why on earth would such a vitally important and valuable deep water safe harbour location, be used for anything other than an industry or service that will utilise that location to the full? An innovation centre, Victoria and Albert museum and arts centre DOES NOT utilise that valuable location fully to its full potential. Those things can be based… Read more »
If you look at what happened in Margate when The Turner Contemporary was developed there, 40% of visitors to the area now go specifically to visit the gallery. The Telegraph commented: “[Margate] is again fizzing with artistic energy, transformed into a key destination for art-lovers thanks to a cultural renaissance sparked by the opening in 2011 of the Turner Contemporary, a strikingly modern-looking gallery that stands as… Read more »

What twaddle Mr F. If a building is used and attracts investment, visitors and thus generates income. what’s the matter with that. It being near a ferry terminal only adds to that appeal. I don’t see any implied conspiracy here.


BRILLIANT! Regeneration through the Arts is a genius proposal for the island.

Alternative Perspective

Imagine a new ‘Tate’ on the island, how brilliant would that be!

Alternative Perspective

London has the millennium bridge, we have the floating bridge, both had their issues