Fabulous cakes designed by kids and made by Grace’s Bakery bring cheer during lockdown

How about this for a feel-good story. Kids have fun designing their dream cake for this competition, which saw all entries receive a goodie bag, two winning designs made, and even a tray of donoughts for Mountbatten. Well done Grace’s Bakery

polly with her winning cake - showing the rainbow layers

Last month with the country a couple of weeks into lockdown, Grace’s Bakery launched an exciting cake design competition.

The Isle of Wight family bakers had only recently opened their latest branch in Newport.

Kids (and big kids) were invited to design their dream cake and say who they would want to give it to and why.

Sarah Redrup of Graces’ Bakery told News OnTheWight,

“We had over 50 entries in total and we put them all up on our Facebook page. There were cakes designed for teachers, carers, nurses, the police, posties, family members and friends.

“We even had one girl living in Dublin who entered with a design that read ‘I miss you Granddad’, which was very sweet! Her Granddad saw the picture we posted on Facebook and commented to say he missed her too.”

As well as being great fund for the kids to design a cake, Graces’ Bakery committed to creating two real cakes from the winning designs. One for winner to keep and one for the person they want to give it to.

Amelie with her entry
Amelie (13) with her competition entry

Everyone got a Grace’s Goodie Bag
Sarah explained,

“We were also going to pick three runners up to get Grace’s Bakery goodie bags.

“We were really moved by all of the entries though and decided that we couldn’t just pick one winner and three runner ups, so everyone who entered got given a Grace’s Goodie Bag with biscuits and cakes inside. We also posted one to Dublin for Ciara.”

Staff at the bakery votes for their favorite designs and two entries tied first place. Polly (10) and Amelie (13). 

Polly with her competition entry
Polly (10) with her competition entry

Delivering the cakes
Sarah continued,

“It was a lot of fun taking their creations and turning it into something real and the girls were impressed with the finished products. Amelie and her mum Claire joined us at the Hospital to present the cake to the Medical Director, Stephen Parker.

“We took Polly’s cake to Blackwater Residential Home for them to share with the staff and resident. Polly wasn’t able to join us but we delivered her cake to her door. As we were coming up the drive they had their grandparents on Facetime watching us too!”

Winning cake being presented to Blackwater Mill Residential Home
Polly’s winning cake being presented to Blackwater Mill Residential Home

Accepting the cake on behalf of the Trust, Deputy Medical Director Steven Parker said,

“It is really thoughtful and kind of Amelie to donate her cake to us and the design is brilliant. I know it will mean a lot to our staff.”

Amelie with her winning cake being presented to St Mary's Hospital
Amelie with her winning cake being presented to St Mary’s Hospital

Treats for the hospice too
Along with these cakes Grace’s Bakery also sent a tray of doughnuts to the Mountbatten Hospice, as one entrant, Zoe, had dedicated her design to them and even though she didn’t win, they felt the staff at the Hospice deserved some treats too. 

Sarah finished by saying,

“It was really heart-warming to read all the entries and we were glad to be able to share a bit of positivity in the local community through cake!”

You can see all the entries on Grace’s Bakery Facebook Page.

Friday, 29th May, 2020 12:14pm


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