Film screening uncovering ‘corruption and secrecy’ of global offshore wealth

This investigative documentary by John Christensen, Director of the Tax Justice Network, will be screened in Newport early next month.

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Vix shares details of this upcoming event which includes a talk by the investigative documentary-maker, John Christensen. Ed

The Isle of Wight is set to host a visit from John Christensen, Director of the Tax Justice Network, to introduce his new film “The Spider’s Web” in Newport on 8th October.

Today, up to half of global offshore wealth may be hidden in British offshore jurisdictions. The film details how since World War II Britain has transformed from a colonial power into a global financial power where the City of London and the wealthy elite have led the way in bypassing rules and regulations.

At the heart of corruption and secrecy
The investigation looks at the creation of a web of offshore secrecy jurisdictions which capture wealth from across the globe and hide it behind obscure financial structures in a web of offshore islands.

With the use of archive footage and contributions from leading experts, academics, former insiders and campaigners for social justice, “The Spider’s Web” reveals how in the world of international finance, corruption and secrecy have prevailed over regulation and transparency, and how the UK is right at the heart of this.

Watch the trailer:

About the filmmaker
John Christensen was trained as both an auditor and a development economist and is a co-founder and director of the Tax Justice Network, based in London. His current area of expertise is tax havens and their impact on international development.

Previously, Mr Christensen was a company and trust administrator in Jersey, a prominent European tax haven, and served as economic adviser to the Jersey government.

Christensen: “The beating core of financial capitalism”
John Christensen says,

“I spoke with hundreds of bankers, lawyers, accountants, officials from the senior Whitehall departments, at the OECD in Paris, and the IMF in Washington, seeing at first hand the downright criminality of the pinstripe infrastructure of professionals who operate from secrecy jurisdictions like Jersey.

“I also discovered that secrecy jurisdictions have moved from being minor players on the economic periphery to becoming the beating core of financial capitalism, with London as its epicentre.”

Where and when
The film will be shown at the Riverside Centre, Newport on Monday 8th October, starting with a talk from John Christensen at 8pm.

Donations are welcome on the night.

More details on the official film Website.

Thursday, 27th September, 2018 6:49pm



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Email updates?
Steve Goodman

The screening and opportunity to talk to John about these issues is free, because, like David George’s latest film Wightwash featuring some of our own Island secrecy, it deserves a wider audience. (To help to return some of John’s travel expenses, any contributions on the night will be welcome.)

Steve Goodman
John and his colleagues have made this important revealing film available to view online for free (link to follow, or for anyone in a hurry a YouTube Spider’s Web search should also work in the meantime). Our thanks again to all attending and contributing to the Riverside screening and discussion. Some of the subsequent conversation covered continuing research suggesting both that the featured powerful financial sector is… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Thank you for presenting & promoting Thsnk you for presenting & promoting this informative & very important documentary film which mebbe should be retitled to: WAKE UP TO CORPORATE FRAUD & THEFT, UK PUBLIC!! Southern Water is one such company using off-shore tax avoidance, ie UK legally sanctioned Tax Evasion tactics. Southern Water continues to extort ££ from its captive customer base whilst contaminating local seas &… Read more »
Steve Goodman

John would like it to be clear that the film is directly attributable not to him but to the director Michael Oswald. (John assisted with the production.)

Steve Goodman

Coincidentally; latest research also publicised in a Guardian Long Read article about the Finance Curse last Friday (5th Oct.)