Find out how IW schools rank in GCSE league tables

See how individual schools did in the league tables for 2012 GCSE results


2012 saw the Isle of Wight drop to the bottom of the local authority league tables for pupils achieving five GCSEs at grade C or above.

The Department for Education has released today league tables with details of achievements at the individual schools.

Independent schools top and tail the table
Independent (fee-paying schools) schools topped and tailed the results, with Ryde School at the very top of the table, having had 95% of their pupils (85) achieve five grades A*-C in English and maths.

Meanwhile, Priory School sit at the bottom with 30% of pupils (ten) achieving five grades A*-C in English and maths.

Christ the King top of non-fee paying school
Voluntary-aided Christ the King College achieved the highest score amongst state/foundation schools or academies with 76% of pupils achieving grades A*-C in English and maths.

Cowes Enterprise College takes second place with 52%, Ryde Academy third place with 51%, Sandown Academy fourth place with 40%, fifth place goes to Medina College with 37% and sixth place Carisbrooke College with 36% of pupils achieving grades A*-C in English and maths.

GCSE results
Table below shows the percentage of pupils achieving 5+ A*-C GCSEs (or equivalent) including English and maths GCSEs, in descending order

2012 2011 2010 2009
England – all schools 59.4% 59% 53.5% 49.8%
England – state funded 58.8% 58.2% 55.2% 50.7%
Local Authority 44.5% 49.1% 45.5% 41.6%

School name

Ryde School with Upper Chine 95% 88% 97% 93%
Christ The King College 76% SUPP NA NA
Cowes Enterprise College 52% NA NA NA
Ryde Academy 51% NA NA NA
Sandown Bay Academy 40% NA NA NA
Medina College 37% NA NA NA
Carisbrooke College 36% NA NA NA
Priory School 30% 67% 50% SUPP

English Baccalaureate
The Isle of Wight had 9.5% of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate compared to 18.3% for schools in the rest of England.

Statistics for individual schools are displayed in the table below, which once again saw Ryde School top the table with 65% of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate, followed by Christ the King College with 17%.

Bottom of the table was Carisbrooke College with 4%.

Baccalaureate tables
Table showing the percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate, in descending order

England – all schools 18.3%
England – state funded schools only 16.2%
Local Authority 9.5%

School name
Ryde School with Upper Chine 65%
Carisbrooke College 4%
Christ The King College 17%
Medina College 11%
Cowes Enterprise College 10%
Ryde Academy 10%
Sandown Bay Academy 10%
Priory School 0%

Image: Comedy Nose under CC BY 2.0

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This does demonstrate that at least until Spring 2012, Cowes Enterprise College was performing significantly better than AET and IET schools in terms of GCSE results.

Given how far below the national average AET and IIT sites were, it is difficult to see how they will avoid Special Measures without significant improvements to this years results.


I wonder how David will react to this latest appalling news? ‘We’re in transition.’ That would be my guess?

The worst kept secret in County Hall is that Steve Beynon has now agreed to go just as soon as the election is over. I think that is the correct decision.

Island children deserve far better. Our council deserves a firing squad.


At least people n the know and in delicate positions get the chance to make comments here. I was in a similar comments area on the County Press website tonight and comments make under pseudonyms were being moderated out.

Vic E

So did you have anything to say here under cover of your pseudonym?

Charles T
Not sure, but if a school fails in ‘special measures’ it goes into some form of ‘super fix’ whereupon teachers have to re-apply for their positions. These results indicate that this may well be inevitable, sad to say as I have a great deal of respect for the teaching profession and would not wish this situation on anyone. Now wouldn’t that be a way forward for certain… Read more »

When are Steve Beynon and David Pugh going to be handing in their resignations? Surely their actions are responsible for these horrendous results. It’s time to see them walk the plank.

Fast 'n' Bulbous
Having been at the meeting at Cowes yesterday it would appear never. The failure is all down to the ex-head and teachers, nothing to do with the trust, governors and ultimately council that implemented the reorganisation. Not their fault that rock bottom morale due to lack of leadership, support and facilities has led to many teachers going off sick with stress, etc, or leaving all together. No… Read more »
The reason why, I did not turn out on a bitterly cold evening, was not, that I did care about my child’s education, but because, I did not wish to spend an evening listening to the excuses of the governors and council. To sit in a drafty hall, having to endure the lies, excuses and “it’s not OUR fault it’s the fault of the (sacrificial lamb, now… Read more »
Billy Builder

Its reassuring to know that the IOW Councils Education Support Services under Steve Beynon, strive to be the best in the country (posting 28/11/12). These results certainly prove that he is having a significant affect on our childrens education. Well done Steve. Lets hope that Steve Beynon, Stuart Love and Ian Anderson can continue to give us such sterling service – NOT