Find out more about the 2016 Green Island Plan in Newport tonight

All are welcome to the IW Green Party’s first planning meeting for their Green Island 2016 campaign this evening (Monday).

Green Island launch

Thanks to Vix Lowthion for details of this event taking place tonight (Monday). Ed

All are welcome to the IW Green Party’s first planning meeting for their Green Island 2016 campaign this evening, Monday 7th December from 7pm at Downside Community Centre, Newport.

This comes a few days after the Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and Keith Taylor, Green MEP for the South East visited Newport to launch the year long Green Island campaign.

A year of initiatives
Throughout 2016, the IW Green Party will be leading a number of initiatives and co-ordinating a green Action Plan. The tasks include tackling fuel poverty, a green community action kit and a Green Directory of sustainable businesses and local activities. The focus of the year will be on emphasising the Island’s Green future through listening and engaging with residents.

Natalie Bennett said:

“On my last visit to the Island I was delighted to visit a number of exciting green businesses, including Sustainable Marine Energy and eco-fashion brand Rapanui. I saw first-hand how they were creating good jobs, building skills and offering huge possibilities for the future.

“The Isle of Wight is clearly ideally placed to lead the way in sustainable manufacturing, food growing and processing and other green industries, so I’m delighted that the Green Party is launching a major campaign to achieve just that.”

Taking back the power
Keith Taylor, MEP also spoke with some of the residents and businesses affected by the Red Funnel planning application in East Cowes. The launch of Green Island also follows his new report ‘Taking back the power: Community energy in the South East’ which celebrates the work of communities across the region generating renewable energy whilst engaging local residents.

Keith said

“I am delighted to attend the launch of Green Island which aims to create the Island’s first community energy project in seven years. This is crucial not only to move towards a sustainable future but also at time of austerity, such policies and projects will help residents save money and create Green jobs.”

Clean and community owned energy
Daniel James, Chair of Isle of Wight Green Party said:

“There is plenty of ambition on the Island to develop green projects and policies. We’ve had encouraging progress towards the Isle of Wight’s community energy project, but it’s been made difficult by the government’s recent moves to withdraw support.

“However, we feel there is appetite in the community to continue despite these challenges, and we hope to start generating more clean and community owned energy in 2016.”

Monday, 7th December, 2015 7:28am



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8 Comments on "Find out more about the 2016 Green Island Plan in Newport tonight"

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Mike Vallender

This reads as considering positive action and promotion but I personally am unable to attend. Are On the Wight able to give a report on this afterwards at some time?


will greenies be justifying their decriminalising of membership of terrorist groups like isis as part of this campaign?

Tanja Rebel
Good on the Greens! This Island is indeed ideally placed to spearpoint sustainable development and could become an example for the rest of the country. I hope this means that David Green’s Eco-Island now will be kick-started again. We owe it to him and to future generations. Regarding terrorism, I would like to see more emphasis on the links between environmental degradation, displacement of people and poverty,… Read more »
Lord Bermondsey

Well said Tanja. We can start by banning the burkha.


does tanjarebel think “environmental degradation” was the root cause of the IRA?


I have just this minute planted a tree to prevent terrorism-does it work as just a sapling or do I need to wait until it is fully grown to achieve world peace and economic prosperity?
The Green Party is a great lobbying group-but God help us all if they ever get any real power.

Mike Vallender
A. Pugin if you have just planted a tree I hope and believe that you probably did this with certain hopes and values for the future, whether this be a crop, proliferation, regeneration and sustainance for the future. In each of those respects and probably more beside these will grow towards and give you peace and prosperity. The Green Party values are similar in as much as… Read more »