First chance for Islanders to hear from the new Brexit Party’s candidate, Peter Wiltshire

Have a listen to the first published interview with Peter Wiltshire, the Brexit Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Isle of Wight, to learn about his background and ideas

Peter Wiltshire

This week The Brexit Party announced their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates across the country, including the one for the Isle of Wight.

This is the first published interview with Peter Wiltshire.

As this was the first chance for Islanders to hear what he’s about, we ran over a number of broad questions as Peter waited to board the ferry after he’d spent the day on the Island.

Have a listen, there’s a lot more detail in the recording than is outlined below.

(audio telephone quality)

Below is an overview of what we spoke about:

What was his route into politics?
In short – Frustrated by the progress and bumped into Nigel Farage.

What are his connections to the Isle of Wight?
Currently splits his week between his house on the Mainland and the one he bought in Sandown last year. He has two businesses: One in Derby – Payment systems software house and another in Hemel Hempstead – a Recruitment company.

What does he see as the main issues for the IW?
When asked what he felt were the main issues for the IW – He didn’t have a lot of fixed ideas on this, as he tells us he wants to hear from people as what they should be.

Two IW relevant items he did speak about were tourism – Why some towns aren’t busy all year round, as they are in Cornwall – and the ferries – where he thought he could cast a fresh eye over it, but didn’t rule out the possibility of Nationalising them.

On Bob Seely
He wouldn’t be draw on what he thought Bob Seely’s strengths and weakness were, but did bring up that that the Island’s current MP voted for Theresa May’s treaty – which Peter saw as being worse than staying in the EU, describing it as ‘a trap’.

We also asked Peter about his previously-stated desire to stand as a PCC in Bracknell against Dr Philip Lee and why he switched to the Island.

Wednesday, 7th August, 2019 7:50pm



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He has no idea what Islanders want, doesn’t work here, barely lives here, kids in a mainland school, knows nothing about politics, why on earth would we want him to represent us?


Best of luck to him – I’m quite happy for him to split the right-leaning conservative votes.


He’s got no idea but at least it will spilt the Tory vote ! Mind you in 2015 Andrew still won over UKIP ……

I might have a go myself ! (Joke)

iain mckie
This PPC exposes the fundamental flaw in The Brexit Party. He seeks to rent votes from Left and Right upon a single issue, but if elected he has no (or appears to have) no clue about how he would represent his constituents. Is he a Right wing or Left wing Brexiteer? To have neither knowledge of constituent concerns nor mapped his position on the political map is… Read more »
Bob Seeley is a supporter of Boris. He’s not one of the Spartans. But neither was Boris. The grass roots chose Boris as leader of the party by a big majority. If we leave on October 31st then Conservatives will win the next General Election on the Island and Bob Seeley will be MP and Boris will be Prime Minister. If we’re still in the EU on… Read more »
iain mckie
I tend to disagree with the idea that Seely really is a supporter of Johnson. Seely initially supported May who was a massive opponent of him, then Seely switched allegiance to Gove, who was a half leaver half remainer (campaigned Leave, stayed in the Cabinetand supported May), then late in the day Seely switched again to Johnson. He seems to me only capable of supporting a candidate… Read more »

Are you kidding? You can’t label this as an interview, it’s a light chat and introduction to him. You don’t ask him anything of consequence and what little you do ask, you don’t really push for any definitive answers. How utterly ridiculous.


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Best of luck Peter!

Jenny Smart

Sadly some caustic comments. Surely it is good to have a candidate that truly supports a genuine Brexit

Jenny Smart

Delighted we have a genuine Brexit candidate after Theresa May’s phantom Brexit deal and now Boris Johnson’s postering, or should that be ‘impostering’