First virtual meeting of Isle of Wight Covid-19 ‘Local Outbreak Engagement Board’: Public welcome to watch

The Board is a sub-committee of the Isle of Wight council cabinet and the first meeting will be held online, with members of the public welcome to watch

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The Island’s first public meeting of the newly formed Covid-19 Local Outbreak Engagement Board is set for 11.30am on Thursday, 8th October.

The Isle of Wight Council has set up the board to involve its partners and the public in developing the Island’s plans to prevent and manage potential potential local coronavirus outbreaks.

Virtual meeting
Like all official council meetings under the current safety restrictions, it will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams.

The agenda is available on the Website and the link to observe the meeting will be uploaded to the published agenda 24 hours before the meeting starts.

Stewart: Working to help prevent any local outbreaks
Board chairman and council leader, Councillor Dave Stewart, said:

“Keeping our residents safe is vital to us. We are all working to help prevent the spread of the virus and manage any local outbreaks.

“We want to work closely with our partners and with local residents to support effective local action and to keep everyone informed.

“The Local Outbreak Engagement Board will form an important part of our overall strategy to keep the Island safe.”

Cabinet sub-committee
The board is a sub-committee of Cabinet and is chaired by the leader of the council to provide political oversight of the local delivery of the test and trace service, to lead the engagement with local communities and to be the public face of the council’s response in the event of any local outbreaks of Covid-19.

A copy of the Island’s Local Outbreak Control Plan is available here.

News shared by the Isle of Council press office, in their own words. Ed

Image: Kaitlyn Baker under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 30th September, 2020 1:46pm



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