Floating Bridge back in service next week

The Cowes floating bridge is scheduled to reopen to the public this coming Monday (11 December) as part of an extended trial period that will take place this month.

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This in from the council. Ed

The Cowes floating bridge is scheduled to reopen to the public this coming Monday (11 December) as part of an extended trial period that will take place this month.

Cars and passengers will be able to use it from 11 December for the normal fees.

Free for pedestrians for limited period
In addition, and in a gesture of goodwill, the council will allow free travel for foot passengers over the Christmas period between 23 December and 2 January 2018, inclusive.

A late night service will also operate on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve to align with Red Funnel Services.

Many issues addressed
The decision to bring the vessel back into use comes after the council and experts addressed well-publicised issues with the new £3 million vessel.

Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart, said,

“There has been significant progress and a great deal of determination to get the floating bridge back into action before the busy Christmas period.

“The trial period could mean that the floating bridge may need be taken out of service or not operate a full service at certain times, however, the intention is that it will operate as closely to the published timetable from now on.

“I would like to thank Cowes and East Cowes residents and businesses for their understanding and patience over the last few months and we hope the vessel will now perform well during this trial period.

“I continue to compile a report into what has happened regarding the well-publicised issues surrounding the floating bridge and this will be published in the New Year.”

Rightly cautious about the next steps
Council chief executive, CEO John Metcalfe, thanked local organisations for their help and patience, including the Cowes Harbour Commission, which has offered support throughout the process.

“Officers have been working hard to get the floating bridge back in service as soon as possible, however, we are rightly being cautious about the next steps. Chain depth testing has been ongoing and there is confidence the vessel will work during the trial period.

“We’ve not been able to address every issue while the bridge has been out of service and the floating bridge’s chains will need further adjustment in the New Year, and there will be some more work to address any remaining noise issues. Everyone will receive notice in good time, if this impacts on services.

“I would like to thank everyone for their patience during time the vessel has been out of service.”

Mon 11th Dec5-7am7am-10.30pm
Tues 12th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Wed 13th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Thurs 14th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Fri 15th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Sat 16th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Sun 17th6.30am-10.30pm
Mon 18th 5-7am7am-10.30pm
Tues 19th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Wed 20th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Thur 21st5-7am7am-10.30pm
Fri 22nd5-7am7am-10.30pm
Sat 23rd5-7am7am-10.30pm
Sun 24th6.30am-12.30am (following day)
Mon 25th7am-10.30pm
Tues 26th7am-10.30pm
Wed 27th 5-7am7am-10.30pm
Thur 28th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Fri 29th5-7am7am-10.30pm
Sat 30th5-7am7am-11pm
Sun 31st6.30am-1.30am (following day)
Mon 1st7am-10.30pm
Tues 2nd5-7am7am-10.30pm

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

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Thursday, 7th December, 2017 11:03am


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Email updates?
Could someone help out me here? I’m not sure, is the council is trying to instil the thought that this is a ‘trial period’ do you think? They’ve only repeated the phrase four times. I’ve been searching Urban dictionary to find out a definition for ‘trial period’ and found, “Shorthand for when it goes wrong, it’s not our fault.” Oh, and where is Ian Ward in all… Read more »

Cllr Ward may be buffing up his (imaginary) CV in readiness for Cap’n Bob to “step down” from his other part-time role as MP.


Not a very polite or constructive comment to make. If you cannot come up with something useful to contribute, I would suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself.

No amount of fiddling about and wishful thinking will alter the fact that this creation is fundamentally wrong sized and ill conceived “No names,no pack drill”, merely facilitates continuing political corruption and incompetence. Could it be possible that with the time now elapsed, rejection can finally be legally ruled out?? (This is key information – where is it?) The obvious decision was for the old one to… Read more »
Fred Karno

“The Council and Experts”. Sounds like an Oxymoron to me. Couldn’t organise the proverbial in a brewery if you ask me. Perhaps Cllr. Stewart will be dressed up in full regalia and attend the first crossing to witness the grinding of car front skirts and the gnashing of teeth of the respective owners. Don’t get me going on ramp design!


Please let this be the opportunity the council shows themselves as competent.


But why will it only running until 10.30pm? That is cutting one hour off the current foot passenger launch service – not good enough!!


So the chains have been slackened to suit Capt Mackintosh, and that’s supposed to have cured all the problems. Watch this space.