Cowes Floating Bridge out of service for longer than announced

It’s been out of service since Tuesday and now the Isle of Wight council say it’ll be much longer than expected before it comes back into service.

floating bridge suspended

The council share this latest update. Ed

The Cowes floating bridge will unfortunately be out of service until the end of next week, following a further assessment of works undertaken so far.

We had hoped that, following considerable progress to repair the prow and hinge mechanism on the vessel, we would have it in service earlier. However, following the assessment of work and parts required today, it is not a simple fix, as had been hoped.

Additional works
This is due to additional works being required as well as the supply and fitting of both standard and bespoke parts. Once the prow and hinge repairs have been completed, a crane will be used to lift the prow section back into place.

Both prows will then be tested and once this is satisfactorily completed, it is hoped the vessel will be back in service at the end of the week.

Passenger launch
The foot passenger launch will remain in place in the meantime, offering a shuttle service between 5am to 11pm daily, until the floating bridge is back in service.

We apologise again for the inconvenience and thank residents for their patience as well as the staff and engineers on site who are working as hard as they can to get the service back up and running.

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6 Comments on "Cowes Floating Bridge out of service for longer than announced"

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Steve Goodman
The official Island approach to fixing unbroken important infrastructure, 1: Waste millions on ‘upgrading’ to an unknown number of years of unreliability the Cowes crossing relied on for the previous century and a half. The official Island approach to fixing unbroken important infrastructure, 2: Waste more millions to cause at least a year’s needless disruption ‘upgrading’ the roundabout working well outside Newport (unlike the one down the… Read more »

What has gone wrong this time?
We paid for the Floating Bridge out of our Income Taxes and now we are paying more out of our Council Taxes.
Is it true that the west prow actually fell off?
We deserve to be told the TRUTH by the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure NOW!
Heads should roll!


It is iniquitous that the foot passenger launch isn’t running for the same hours as the floating bridge would do normally, for those who have to use it to go to and from work…

Benny C

And where is the newly elected councillor? Silent and absent. Useless. First challenge, nowhere to be seen, no public support, plan or action. Brilliant, another hopelessly over promoted underachiever. Just what we need.

Benny C
Cllr Ian Ward, the quaint old trouser browser , is cabinet member for transport and infrastructure. He is accountable for the failings of performance, value for money, investment, resource, management and strategy, which all sit within his overall brief. He should be removed and held to account, replaced by someone with the skill set to do the job properly. We have been allowing inadequate individuals to run… Read more »

Can’t find the words to say about this disaster.