Floating bridge out of service while problem wheels replaced

As with previous periods of suspension, a passenger launch will be in operation whilst the work takes place to fix the problem wheels on the Floating Bridge.

floating bridge chains

The Isle of Wight council have posted the following to their Facebook page about the Cowes Floating Bridge:

The floating bridge will be out of service from 7pm tonight (Wednesday) until 7am on Thursday for planned maintenance.

It will also be out of service from 7pm tomorrow (Thursday) night until 7am on Friday.

A foot passenger launch will be in place from 7pm until 10.30pm on both evenings and each morning as per the timetable up until 7am.

Work on wheels
It was mentioned by Cllr Ian Ward (the Cabinet member responsible) at last night’s Scrutiny Committee that two wheels were changed last week because “of an engineering problem with them” and this week the remaining wheels would be replaced “for an improved type”.

He said there are “engineering issues” and they “need to be refined” and also acknowledged there was still a noise issue with the ramp, which he said will be addressed within the next few weeks.

Cllr Ward also mentioned the issue with the chain heights, adding it only “happens at one particular tide, in one particular place and is no danger to shipping”.

Image: © Allan Marsh

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018 5:28pm


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5 Comments on "Floating bridge out of service while problem wheels replaced"

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So despite Ian Ward telling us that the Floating Bridge was working “perfectly” it requires more UNPLANNED maintenance. ie It’s not working properly and must be REPAIRED! Can you really believe anything that the council says on this matter? I say NO! For someone that has been a lifelong Conservative supporter/voter I have become disenchanted with this council who don’t know their ass from their elbow and… Read more »

This floating bridge will always be infrequent and unreliable. There are too many major design faults. Even when it is working, it is not as frequent as the old floating bridge, and never can be for so many reasons – too many to list here. The Council needs to wake up and cut its losses. It is wasting our money hand over fist.


Aside from the planned maintenance (repairs) does anyone know why it doesn’t run the full schedule as before. Only the reduced hours of the “temporary” launch service. Now creating a curfew?

It is the use and understanding of the councils words that causes the confusion. “Planned maintenance” means anything that is notified in advance, be it one day or one month in advance as opposed to “breakdown” if it can’t keep running so is unplanned. So when various issues with the floatie happen, if it can keep running but with a repair or modification to be done later,… Read more »

Newshound; the curfew is due to the fact that the noise level from FB6 has been measured by the IW Council’s own Environment Officer and found to be in excess of acoustic statutory limits.