Floating Bridge: Timetable for when it won’t run during June

As reported from last night’s Scrutiny Committee, for the rest of the month, the floating bridge won’t run during low tides. A foot passenger launch will be provided instead.

floating bridge

This in from the council. Ed

The council will offer a passenger only service across the river Medina during periods of low tide, for two hour immediately before low tide throughout June.

The council will offer a passenger only service across the river Medina during periods of low tide, for two hour immediately before low tide throughout June, to ensure that a planned service is maintained while issues with the floating bridge are managed.

The floating bridge will offer a full vehicle and passenger service at other times, as per the published timetable.

The passenger only service timetable is below and will operate during June 2017.

DatePassenger launch (am)Passenger launch (pm)
Tuesday 13 June05:30 – 07:3017:50 – 19:50
Wednesday 14 June06:00 – 08:0018:25 – 20:25
Thursday 15 June06:45 – 08:4519:05 – 21:05
Friday 16 June07:25 – 09:2519:55 – 21:55
Saturday 17 June08:20 – 10:2020:50 – 22:50
Sunday 18 June*09:20 – 11:20-
Monday 19 June**10:40 – 12:40-
Tuesday 20 June11:50 – 13:50-
Wednesday 21 June
12:50 – 14:50-
Thursday 22 June13:50 – 15:50-
Friday 23 June14:40 – 16:40-
Saturday 24 June15:35 – 17:35-
Sunday 25 June-16:25 – 18:25
Monday 26 June05:00 – 07:0017:05 – 19:05
Tuesday 27 June05:30 – 07:3017:55 – 19:55
Wednesday 28 June06:15 – 08:1518:40 – 20:40
Thursday 29 June07:00 – 09:0019:30 – 21:30
Friday 30 June07:55 – 09:5520:20 – 22:20

* Sunday 18 June: Service to cease at 22.00
** Monday 19 June: Service to cease at 23.30

This is in addition to the FREE travel on the floating bridge until 2 July.

Image: © With kind permission of Allan Marsh

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  1. This must make the IW Council the laughing stock ………. worldwide!

  2. downstreamer

    14.Jun.2017 11:41pm

    Have you seen the low tide level on 25th June?

    I do not think the two hours listed will be enough to allow this Playmobil to operate.

  3. If the old bridge was worn out why didn’t they make the new one a replica of the old one. There would be none of these problems now. Of course, that would not be progress, would it?

  4. Pleeeease can we call it Wight Elephant.

    We could also use it make money – to run training courses on how ‘not’ to construct an FB.

  5. timrogers144

    15.Jun.2017 9:54am

    To state the bleeding’ obvious, this is a ridiculous situation; how totally bizarre & incomprehensible is it going to seem to visitors when they are told the brand new “floating” bridge can’t run at low water because it keeps running aground? Let alone the daily inconvenience this is causing for East Cowes & Cowes residents!
    I just hope we haven’t paid for it, as it’s faulty & should be sent back – even if we don’t have the receipt!
    Have a nice weekend everyone, don’t forget your suncream!

  6. The Isle of Wight must be the only place in the world to publish a timetable of when something is not running!

    You couldn’t make this up.

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