Floating Bridge will have been out of service by more than 13 weeks before it returns, says Isle of Wight council

The Cowes Floating Bridge was supposed to be back in service this week, but further delays have just been announced. Details within

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The Isle of Wight council have just issued this release, in their own words. Ed

We are pleased to report that work to resolve the Hydraulic Problems with the Cowes Floating Bridge are nearing completion and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the continued delay in return to service.

We can continue to press our contractors to do all they can to get the vessel back in the water as quickly as possible whilst making sure the chances of these faults reoccurring are reduced to the absolute minimum.

Further unexpected delay
The hydraulic rams have been removed, stripped down, inspected and have been rebuilt; the hydraulic system has been flushed and repairs to the hydraulic pumps and motors are nearing completion, however, the extent of work required to one of the motors has caused some further unexpected delay.

Subject to this progressing to plan, the floating bridge should now return to the water in the week commencing 9th October. Following water based testing we now expect a  return to full service in time for the start of half term 17th October.

IWC: We share the frustrations of the local community
A council spokesperson said:

“We share the frustrations of the local community about the issues with the vessel and ability to provide a reliable service across the River Medina and apologise for the continued delays and ongoing disruption to the service.

“The council will continue to provide the launch service for foot passengers will continue to operate from 0500 – 2300hrs (0630-2300hrs Sundays) until the vessel returns to full service.

“Once again we apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Monday, 28th September, 2020 5:26pm


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OK, Messrs Stewart, Ward, etc. Here’s a deal for you. You’ve had enough delays with FB6 to build a new FB from scratch. So. If this one is taken out of service one more time between now and Xmas for any reason other than high winds [a] you both resign forthwith. no argument, and [b] you put FB6 up for sale immediately. You can put lipstick on… Read more »

Alas hardliner, they do not possess integrity.


The burning question is why are they still in in office.


“We share the frustrations of the local community…” oh, please….


But thanks, we’ll still be collecting our paychecks at the end of the month. Sadly, many small businesses will not.:(

“We are pleased to report…” I know this was a press release at the end of the day but did anyone proof read / sense check it?! Who is pleased? Probably not John Metcalfe, as he was expecting it back this week https://onthewight.com/isle-of-wight-council-ceo-reveals-return-date-for-cowes-floating-bridge/ For a council looking to save money why not cut back on the council press office staff and just let Stewart and Ward write… Read more »

Just let us know when it goes wrong again. And you gave yourselves a pay rise, disgusting and shameful all you councillors, you should have agreed to a pay cut and I bet none of you would have abstained from that one.