Food For The Future: Watch TV and Save the Planet Part II, AKA Read A Book And Save The Planet

Rowan urges us to save the planet.

Watching TV is one of the favourite pastimes of this green-couch-potato reviewer, and I’ve even had the cheek once before to recommend it to VentnorBlog readers when inspired by the wonderful Rebecca Hosking’s Natural World programme ‘A Farm for the Future‘.

Food For The Future: Watch TV and Save the Planet Part II, AKA Read A Book And Save The PlanetWell, on Monday night it was time for some serious couch activity again.

George Alagiah is presenting three programmes on the ‘Future of Food‘, and the first episode was broadcast on Monday 17 August.

George Alagiah visits many places around the world, illustrating the impacts of rising population, dwindling oil supplies and rising oil prices, and above all climate change, on the farmers who produce food and the people who eat it – all of us. He also talks with several of the world’s greatest food experts, such as Vandana Shiva and Tim Lang.

Who know what episodes two and three will contain? I’ve no idea, but I hope they might include eating local food, replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy, eating more plants directly rather than feeding them to livestock, growing food plants in mixtures rather than monocultures, and growing more perennial plants rather than annuals.

So while we’re waiting, if you want to know more, head on down to your local library or the virtual online catalogue so you can read a book and save the planet.

The lovely staff at Ventnor Library took one of my many book requests, and the people at library HQ they said yes to some cracking reads on food, land, energy and climate change, including these two gems:

Tim Lang, David Barling, Martin Caraher, ‘Food Policy: integrating health, environment and society’

David J.C. MacKay, ‘Sustainable Energy – without the hot air’ – already featured on VentnorBlog and online.

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george’s books look worth reading.

Wendy V

Thanks for the link, Rowan. Have just watched the first episode. Explains really well how water and oil shortages, and climate chance, impact on food production, and how food security is set to be a major issue. Episode 2 is tomorrow (Monday) 9pm on BBC2.

Wendy V

That should be “climate change”, not “chance”!


death on the nile?

according to an article in the guardian egypt’ll soon be inundated.

perhaps that’s a fate which awaits us all? –