Free parking at St Mary’s during times when queues build up

Free parking during times when lengthy queues build up is just one of the steps being taken by Isle of Wight NHS to help alleviate the pressure of parking on the hospital grounds.

new parking machines at st mary's

St Mary’s Hospital will offer free parking to visitors when lengthy queues build up at the machines to pay.

A new system was installed at the hospital a year ago.

An automatic number plate recognition system replaced the old ‘pay and display machines’.

However, queues continue to form as visitors now pay before leaving, rather than upon arrival.

Free parking when lengthy queues build up
At a meeting of the trust board yesterday (Thursday), hospital bosses said steps were being taken to reduce queues and delays to people leaving the hospital grounds, after visitors had complained of ‘sight problems’ when using the new machines.

Steps include the installation of a telephone next to the machine, positioning officers next to the machines during peak times, and offering free parking during times when lengthy queues build up.

Chief executive Maggie Oldham said:

“We have had relatively few official complaints about the new parking system when you consider how many thousands of people use the car park at the hospital.”

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Friday, 8th February, 2019 9:46am



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Email updates?

I’m tech savvy and still struggle to make the machines work…They are definitely NOT intuitive and I struggle to read the keyboard buttons.Hence the big queues…Try putting another machine in the lobby… and what happens if you drive in, find there’s no spaces and drive away ???? Do you get a penalty notice.? I don’t fancy being a guinea pig…

I’ve just got back from the hospital and i can assure you that although they claim to have had “relatively few official complaints”, everyone in the queue that i was stuck in was complaining about them. The one working machine (the other was being fixed) had a queue of around 15 people, fortunately for us all it wasn’t raining (too much to ask for a sheltered area… Read more »

suggest all the management are told they have to use the system for a month then they will find out more from the public if they dare to show their badges!


Management get Staff allocated places so it doesn’t r4ally apply. That’s the Red Zones of which there are many.

Attending North Car Park at St. Marys 2 weeks ago where my husband had an appointment. I had to just drop him off in the end as there were literally no spaces. Cars were circling like vultures (including Me) waiting for someone to leave. It took about 20 minutes to find a space and only when I worked out if I watched who was paying at the… Read more »
I’m not sure they can use the absence of complaints as a valid indicator of the scheme’s success. Most of us are so disenchanted with poor corporate attitudes to customer service, we don’t really bother to go through the motions as it won’t make much difference anyway. I don’t go there very often but when I have had to use the machine, I always end up helping… Read more »
I must say the good thing about paying at the end IF you can get a space is that in an emergency you can just get into the hospital without the worry of a ticket. I have experience of a ticket being given when my friend took her dad to A and E suffering a heart attack. (it was quicker than an ambulance she thought (knee jerk… Read more »

Why not put another machine in the hospital lobby as there was earlier?