Free ‘Show us the Books’ T-shirts latest creative approach to shining light on Harbour accounts

Who doesn’t love free? These T-Shirts are being offered free of charge, with the artist responsible hoping to see lots of them being worn around the Island.

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Readers might remember back in March OnTheWight featured a Bembridge artist taking a creative approach to drawing attention to an issue she feels needs highlighting.

Penelope Walford’s latest approach to shine a light on the accounts of Bembridge Harbour is through the production of t-shirts with a ‘Show us the books’ illustration front and centre.

Get your free T-shirt
The GMB have supported the production of them and Penelope is offering them free of charge to anyone who gets in touch.

They were going to charge £5 each for them, but would prefer to give away for free if it means she’ll see lots of people wearing them and spreadign the message.

show us the books t-shirts

Made by Earth Positive, they’re are available in sizes small to XXXL and are 100% organic cotton, climate neutral.

If you’d like a t-shirt, get in touch with Penelope via the Show us the Books Facebook Page and send a private message.

Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019 10:31am



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Mason Watch
Surely these should read “Sour Grapes” or “It should have been ours”. Bembridge Harbour Trust is simply a way to cause trouble for the owners and in particular the ‘artist’ involved has apparently developed a grudge. My advice to her is that if you don’t like it then go somewhere else. The vast majority of the people of Bembridge are delighted with the regeneration. As far as… Read more »