Friends And Users Of Isle of Wight Libraries: Your Help Needed

Can you help with a small donation?

This just in from the Friends of Isle of Wight Libraries. In their own words. Ed

Lawyer in Wig A courageous and committed user of Brighstone library has instructed solicitors to challenge the decision taken by the Isle of Wight Council to close her library, along with many others on the Island.

She is fighting, on all our behalves to try and stop the reduction of this important public service. And she needs your help.

She was in receipt of public funding from the Legal Services Commission (i.e. legal aid) in order to take her case. The prohibitively expensive costs of legal action means this is the only way she could afford to act.

Legal Services Commission demand community contribution
Her lawyers have advised her that she has a strong claim and proceedings should be issued at the High Court as soon as possible. However, the Legal Services Commission has withdrawn its support.

They are stating that the case has no real prospect of success and are refusing to allow her to lodge her application at the court. Her solicitors are currently appealing this decision.

The Legal Services Commission is also stating that funding will only be continued (assuming the appeal is successful) if the community contributes some money towards the costs of the case. We need to raise as much money as possible, so please help and please help as quickly as you can.

How to donate
To make a donation, which can be from as little as £1 upwards, please contact:

Dave Quigley Friends of the IWLS [email protected]

Or, send your donation direct to the solicitors, Leigh Day & Co Solicitors, Priory House, 18-25 St John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4LB marked for the attention of Shirley Bright.

Please help with this very worthy cause. Otherwise, the island will lose many of its libraries and the Council will be allowed to get away with its unlawful actions.

Thank you.

Image: spunter under CC BY-SA 2.0

Wednesday, 18th May, 2011 5:26pm



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Steve Goodman

Dear Dave & friends – cheque on way from us to lawyers; keep up the good work.


Thanks Steve


Can you set up a donation scheme like that of the funding for lifeboats? Txt how much you want to donate along with code to a number?


Hi, I’ve never tried to do anything like that- being 70!! I will look into this when I get home later this morning and see what can be done. Many thanks.

We need to support this legal challenge and show the council what were made of and that we can stand together! Donate a couple of pounds and save your libraries whether yours is being affected now or not, as they have cut hours and who knows what their plans could be in a couple of years! Make a stand, the council will have to listen, and they… Read more »

your right, no library is safe, please help by asking all those you know who are interested to either help with the fundraising or send donations, thanks for your support. to [email protected]


Have had a couple of queries re who to make cheques payable to- please make them out to Leigh Day & Co but make sure you include a note saying thats its for the IW Libraries Challenge. Will try and sort out something in the way of a permanent web site


Further to the above, payments can be made through PayPal to my email [email protected]. If you use this method please leave a message saying its for the Library fund. I will transfer any donations straight on to Leigh Day.

Many thanks


thanks dave for collecting all the donations coming in,

Alan Mansell

If you can set up a PayPal account that would make donations easier. Happy to help and cheque is on it’s way.


Hi Alan,
Have already done that by my comment is “awaiting moderation” so I expect it will appear soon. My Paypal account is currently not being used for anything so I thought it could be useful. Thanks for your help

Sally Perry

Yep, now approved, it was in moderation due to link.


Thanks Sally

can all those that have been involved in trying to save their library either from closure or losing opening hours to please help, we need as many people as possible to send a donation, not everyone goes on vb, so this message needs to be passed on, every little helps, it has to be seen that there is fundraising in process to help the appeal panel to… Read more »

Birmingham Council lost a High Court case today regarding the legality of cuts to social care. Councils right across the country will probably now have to adhere to this decision and reverse their decisions to cut this public service.

Hopefully the courts will judge that closing libraries is also illegal. Are you listening and taking notice Mr Pugh?

I’ll send a donation via PayPal.

witchfinder general

They are using the same criteria over here regarding social care. People being taken off the critical list and having to fend for theirselves.

It deserves it’s own thread on Ventnor Blog because the poverbial is going to hit the fan anyday now.

The councils are not allowed to cut care because they are short of pennies.


It appears tthat the main reason for Birmingham loosing their case was that thet had not done Equality Impact Assessments- exactly the same charge that is being broght against the IWC over libraries, so if if that law is good enough for Birmingham, then despite us being on an offshore island that Westminster would rather forget, irs good enough for us as well!!!!


sorry for typing errors in comment, fingers not working properly yet!

only one problem to that, birmingham is a labour led council, and have been critisized by govt for what they are doing , including cuts to their libraries, but of course iw council is conservative led, so we are being treated differently, this struggle is very political, very suspicious, but it is also about the funds, and i have letters from legal aid i cannot discuss ,… Read more »
Jim O'Neil
I’ve sent Leigh Day a CD-Rom of my war files when fighting for and winning Hoylake Libary here in Wirral – my own part was getting EHRC to agree that lack of a DEIA was illegal. Good way to fight it folks! Sorry, working for several charities (all underpaid, natch!) I can’t afford a cash donation as well, but I’m following IW closely and (less closely) Lewisham,… Read more »

thankyou for support on saving our libraries, we need everyone on board. it all helps.

Black Dog

It would be good to know when the appeal decision is known as a number of people I know are waiting for the outcome before donating. The appeal does not make it clear what happens to the early donations if the appeal is successful

thankyou for wanting to donate, we have to raise funds now so that we can show the appeal panel we are as residents prepared to contribute towards the legal challenge, the donations have to go towards costs, if we get the appeal. those who are donating should give details who its from , how much, and address, if it fails money can then be returned. all donations… Read more »

Hi Black Dog,
We appreciate your comments, as all donations are currentrly going either straight to Leigh Day or via paypal and then on to the same destination, records will be kept and although we cannot see the appeal failing, if the unthinkable happened donations wouldd be returned.


no library is safe, please help either by sending donations, or to help fundraise, contact above