Frightenly Believable Story From NewsBiscuit

Another brilliant story from NewsBiscuit.

Frightenly believable Story From NewsBiscuitYou’ll have seen that we’re admirers of NewsBiscuit, as we point to their stories every now and again.

Today — post-budget day, post Tesco’s reporting a record £3 billion profit in the last couple of days — they’ve got a cracker.

The tag line for NewsBiscuit is The news before it happens. Sadly this story could be believable.

We won’t attempt to reinterpret the piece, but to give you an idea, here’s a snippet, “radical cost-saving measures including replacing local councils with self services machines situated in town halls and libraries.”

Enjoy British Government to be outsourced to Tesco.

Thanks to David Winfield for the pointer

Thursday, 23rd April, 2009 9:50am



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  1. I think this one has it about right – The Daily Mash

  2. “they’ve got a cracker”

    Well, they would, wouldn’t they..? :-)

  3. “Frightenly Believable”..?

    If it’s any consolation, it’s taken me until now to notice!

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