Gioia Minghella-Giddens becomes new High Sheriff for the Isle of Wight

Born and brought up on the Isle of Wight, Gioia Minghella-Giddens says being given the role of High Sheriff for the Isle of Wight is “an amazing honour for me and my whole family”.

gioia minghella giddens

Lindsay shares this latest news. Ed

Gioia Minghella-Giddens has been sworn in as the Island’s new High Sheriff at Northwood House in an ancient ceremony presided over by HH Judge Ralls QC, in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant and over 150 guests.

High Sheriffs are appointed by the Queen to represent her in all matters pertaining to Law and Order, and the Office is over 1000 old.

Born and brought up on the Isle of Wight, and the eldest daughter of Edward and late Gloria Minghella MBE, JP, DL, Gioia lives in Havenstreet with her husband, Richard, and is the proud mother of four grown-up children – Sophie, Joseph, Lillie and Benedict.

A successful teacher for over 25 years, both on the Island and in London, Gioia changed career paths in 2002 when she took over the family ice cream business, from which she has recently retired, following its merger last year with the Isle of Wight Ice Cream Company.

Aware of the challenges faced by all
Gioia said she feels that these experiences have been an important preparation for the new Office:

“This dual pathway has given me first-hand experience of working with young people from diverse backgrounds and of helping them find their feet as mature members of the community, as well as of the many challenges facing businesses and employers here on the Island.

“Equally, my family’s well-known commitment to community service means that I am well aware of the challenges faced by all the wonderful, often unsung heroes here who do so much for others on a voluntary basis.”

Breaking down the age barriers
In her address, Gioia said she looks forward to the privilege of her year as High Sheriff as an opportunity to become involved in as many community projects as she can.

She is particularly drawn to those which bring together and value both young people and senior citizens, those which support the elderly and infirm, those which reach out to the needier and more vulnerable members of the Island community, those which celebrate diversity, protect our heritage and, of course, those which encourage the Arts.

Gioia: “An amazing honour for me and my whole family”
She anticipates a busy and rewarding year. She said:

“This is an amazing honour for me and my whole family, and it will be a privilege to serve the remarkable community of the Isle of Wight, which I love, and to which I owe so much.

“I am overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown me by the family of past High Sheriffs, and in particular would like to thank Ben Rouse, who has done so much for the Island in the past year. He has set me a wonderful example!

“I would also like to thank the Trustees of Northwood House, for making the House available to us today for the Ceremony. It’s a truly beautiful setting for such a special occasion, and I am very grateful.”

Monday, 9th April, 2018 12:00pm



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Email updates?

Nitonia, one has no idea of your pedigree but it is clear that this lovely lady who has stepped in early to undertake this community role is the daughter of a working class couple, one of whom is an immigrant, who have worked hard and long to better themselves and their excellent children and also perform countless good works on this island.
Shame on you and Geoff Brodie.

Geoff Brodie

I feel no shame at criticising this social anachronism.


Perhaps, but one trusts you do feel shame about your other unfortunate words associated by implication with the new incumbent.

It would seem, however, to rational folk that this role is far from anachronistic and is vehicle for good.

I am with you on this one confidential. Whilst the role of high sherriff might be old fashioned, in recent years it has been a force for good on the Island. Whilst I do not know any of them personally, as far as I am aware the Minghella family have been a credit to the Island, performing many unsung and unpaid public service functions as well as… Read more »

Concluding that the role of High Sheriff is anachronistic does not make one irrational by default because you don’t happen to agree you know.

Countless good works? really? I have no problems with people bettering themselves but it is funny that we never talk about middle or upper class people bettering themselves. By implication are you saying that working class people are not as good as the others in the first place and must better themselves in order to receive any recognition? The new High Sheriff might be the loveliest of… Read more »
Well said Confidential. As a relative newcomer to this lovely island (though married for 40 years to a born and bred Islander) I am sad at the negativity and sour comments made below. For goodness sake, the ancient role of High Sheriff promotes the voluntary sector, community projects and all things positive – it’s not a political statement and talk of class and privilege and fox hunting… Read more »

Isle of Wight Ice Cream company, made by using milk from the mainland!

Why do we persist with these ridiculous pantomime costumed people such as the High Sheriff and the Lord Lieutenant. The article says she was chosen by no less than Her Majesty the Queen! Perhaps if the position was awarded based on nominations from the community they always profess to love and care for so much it might carry some weight. Instead its just a procession of the… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

I couldn’t agree more. This is emblematic of what is holding back the Island’s progress into a twenty-first community. The ‘great and the good’ prancing about as an elite whilst ordinary people get on with their increasingly difficult lives. And who were the 150 guests at the ‘ancient ceremony’? I bet they included what is left of the IW Conservative Association, including MP and Council leader.


I thought you’d have been invited Geoff, being a community leader and all? Perhaps you don’t spend enough time at the yacht club or fox hunting. You really should try harder!

Geoff Brodie

I gave up dressing-up games in early childhood !