Gollum Brexit video ‘We wants it’ breaks 1 million views under two days

A video written and directed by Dominic Minghella, originally released on his Island Pictures Website, has become an online sensation. Watch here.

we wants it video

A video written and directed by the Isle of Wight’s Dominic Minghella has become an online sensation.

Acted by Andy Serkis, of Lord of the Rings fame, the video titled, “LEAKED: Footage From Inside No. 10 Downing Street!”, presents Theresa May, holed up in Downing Street, as Gollum. Torn between two sides of herself, the Prime Minister argues between her support for her Brexit deal and her thoughts of the British People.

Over 1.3m YouTube views already
The video was originally posted to the Website of Dom’s production company, Island Pictures. Since then it’s rocketed around the Internet, with the YouTube version of the video having been watched more that 1.3 million times as we write this.

The video is now also picking up views with different European news publications too.

Concerns over Brexit
Dom spoke at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival in the Summer about his concerns around Brexit and what it might do to the country.

The credit list also includes others from the Minghella clan: Louisa Minghella as Assistant Producer, Dan Minghella as Script Editor.

The people want more
Proving its popularity with some, a poll on the ‘We wants it’ Facebook page asking people if they want more videos like this has a 99% ‘Yes’ rating ATM.

Warning, it’s pretty scary …

Image: © Island Pictures

Tuesday, 11th December, 2018 9:19pm


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Brilliant piece of satire. Keep it up Dom and family. Lets see more videos on current topics like this.