Good samaritan clears away and disposes of 150 flytipped tyres

For every lazy, inconsiderate flytipper there are many other decent people doing great things

tyres of wight van clearing flytipped tyres on mottistone down

Earlier today OnTheWight reported that someone had dumped 150 used tyres in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Isle of Wight.

Within just a few hours good samaritan, Chris Plant from Tyres of Wight, made his way to the Jubilee car park on Mottistone Down and started clearing away the tyres.

There has been an outpouring of gratitude for his act of kindness on the Isle of Wight Community Information Facebook Group.

Plenty of good deeds
Looking through the Tyres of Wight Facebook Page, this is clearly not the first good deed Chris has done.

On Christmas Eve he supplied and fitted four new tyres to one of the IW Search and Rescue’s vehicles absolutely free of charge.

Tyres of Wight van with SAR vehicle

Well done Chris, you’ve earned lots of new fans today.

Wednesday, 8th January, 2020 2:35pm



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Well done Sir. As a birn & bred Caulkhead I salute you. And as a former member of Wiltshire Search & Rescue many thanks for supporting a Lowland SAR team.

Benny C
Great article, what a contrast. On the one hand, its heartening to know how impressive our island community can be. On the other, this just reminds us what the world has to deal with in terms of other supposed adults approaching life with a pre school mentality. One day maybe years into the future the culprits will look back and feel some sense of guilty regret but… Read more »

Well said, Benny.
I believe that everyone has it within them to be helpful, considerate and humble.
When we choose to think before we act, speak, etc, it can make such a difference.
Whereas, people that don’t stop to think, tend to be the ones that spoil it for themselves and everyone else because their careless actions affect everyone
either personally or environmentally.


*** Born & Bred! 😁


The Isle of Wight Motocross group took away the remaining 100+ tyres. No media seems to be mentioning them?

Here in Wembley, some people dump all kinds of things on the pavements, green spaces, and even in the river Brent. In addition to that, the pavements are often broken or misaligned. When tarmac is used in place of pavements, it’s often laid out in what is best described as slapdash, with lumps all over it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the same pavements often serve… Read more »