Green Party celebrate the birth of the NHS at 1940s tea party

The Isle of Wight Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion, reminds us to “not forget what a fantastic institution the NHS is for everyone in our country today”.

Vix Lowthion and IW Green party 1940s tea party

This in from Vix Lowthion, in her own words, Ed

The Isle of Wight Green Party held a 1940s Tea Party last Saturday in Gurnard with all the trimmings, including cakes and scones and fabulous entertainment from Miss Patsy Cabaret.

A tribute to birth of the NHS
Fifty friends and supporters joined in a good old sing song – with such torch songs as White Cliffs of Dover, My Old Man said Follow the Van, and Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

The afternoon was a tribute to the 1940s period – a time when our NHS was established to provide ‘free health aid to all’ at public expense.

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate, Vix Lowthion, remarked,

“Our parents and our grandparents had a vision in the mid 1940s that as a nation we would prioritise health, and build a free to access national service of which to be so very proud.

“In 2015, we are in very real danger of losing this public service to a succession of private businesses and shareholder led organisations. This was a timely reminder of a period when our government emphasised that a better life for all was within our power.

“Let us not forget what a fantastic institution the NHS is for everyone in our country today.”

Daily Telegraph from 1940s
Vix Lowthion and Patsy Cabaret
Iw Green party 1940s Tea Party

Tuesday, 31st March, 2015 11:20am



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Robert Jones

And no mention of Aneurin Bevan, the Labour politician without whom there wouldn’t be an NHS.

There’s a surprise.

Paul Craggs

Actually the architect was Beveridge, who although he served under Churchill was largely apolitical . Bevan must be spinning in his grave watching the current Labour Party scrabbling with the Tories for a center ground that does not exist, their socialist roots and championing of the ordinary long forgotten.



How do you think Bevan would feel today having to rely on a collective of doctors, cross party MP’s and others, in creating a bill *just* to bring, NHS England, back into the public domain?….a bill that the Labour party, on the whole, doesn’t even back.

Do you think Aneurin would feel proud of his party?

Lord Bermondsey

Trouble is with labour, they think they own the ‘rights’ to the NHS (due to it being introduced under their watch in ’48).

Such a shame that what the party stood for back then, has long disappeared since Blair onwards.

Stewart Blackmore
I really do need to respond to Vix Lowthian and the Green Party’s hijacking of the NHS and its creation by the Labour Party after World War 2 and to correct some of the statement made in reply to the article. The Labour Party, as far back as 1932, accepted a resolution moved by Somerville Hastings MP (who, as well as being a Labour Party MP was… Read more »

Anybody remember the Hospital Savings Association that my parents used to pay into each week (mumble) decades ago and a precursor of the NHS?

Billy builder

You should mention that to YOU Tory party, I’m sure they would like an NHS solution whereby users pay.

HSA was created in 1922 when there were Liberal/Labour governments and 26 years before the NHS came into being. BTW NHS users pay today via taxation- but just like the private health industry not all the money paid in gets to be spend on medical services. For clarity, HSA H S A was a mutual community Friendly Society that was dedicated to giving monetary benefits to people… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

I haven’t laid into any political party about the NHS.

It’s not a ‘point scoring’ mission. It’s a positive acknowledgement of a service we all love and benefit from.

What’s so wrong with that.

Vix Lowthion

It’s not Labour’s NHS. It’s Our NHS.

Lord Bermondsey

Well said Vix.

Don’t worry, once May 2nd has been and gone this Blackmore fella can go back to eating doughnuts after he finishes 5th on election day.

Anon Again

Lord Bermondsey – any astute political analysis is a bit undermined by not knowing actual date of election. Get someone to buy you a calendar for Christmas. Or buy a newspaper. Easily resolved.

Anon Again

ahh Vix. With meaningless, facile comments like that you might go far. Almost as far as Natalie Bennett.

@Stewart. The precursor template foundation for the NHS had already been laid and set into practice back in 1910-1913. This was the ‘Highlands and Islands Medical Service’, on which the WIKI states: ‘The service came into being as a direct result of the publication of the Report of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service Committee or “Dewar Report” in 1912. This report exposed inadequate medical and nursing… Read more »

Blair’s New Labour made privatisation possible in the first place!
Labour’s faux outrage, despite being the party that introduced private finance into the NHS (in the form of PFI’s)

At last someone who understands the fear we have of losing our NHS ,and how poignant that newspaper article is too. My parents and grandparents did not work hard to let these Tories and Labour(shamefully ) and UKIP and Libdems etc even our own independednt MP for the island let it be taken over by private companies. Its seems the only party to genuinely hand on heart… Read more »
Yes he must be turning in his grave for what Labour are doing to it…they make no promise of keeping it 100% public and that’s a fact…If they do then show me where ? because I can not see any promise by Labour to keep the NHS 100% in public hands where Bevan put it …but that’s because it is no longer the peoples party like it… Read more »

Aneurin Bevan, is mentioned in the article and this afternoon tea looks a tribute to his hard work ..only for it to be trashed
Well done Vix for bringing this to the foreground.

Robin Ford

golightly – Labour are not doing things to the NHS. The Conservatives have been the government for the past five years! Yes, I share your love for the NHS but remember only Cameron or Ed Miliband will be prime minister. If you feel that strongly then make the sensible choice – Labour!


Dear Robin,
Maybe you should have come to the NHS privatisation debate….
The well researched, well executed documentary clear detailed each of the previous top three parties roles in the demise of the NHS. They all have blood on their hands.
People should vote using their morale compass not media lead BS & properganda.


Unfortunately onthewight were unable to send anyone that evening to cover the event, which I find strange tbh.

Sally Perry

Nothing strange about it at all Jaybird. As I explained to you at the time, something else came up unexpectedly that I needed to attend to.

Robin I think you will find that a certain amount of hoodwinking under the guise of lets pretend we are Old Labour and are going to fool the public into thinking we are not going to carry on with cuts and privatisation is the name of this game !!! thankfully thousands of us have woken up to it ..alas it may not be enough to topple the… Read more »

It was the working class that demanded the NHS after WW2 and the defeat of fascism.

Impressed by Socialism and the Soviet Union in the achievements of the Russian Revolution and the conduct of the war, the people elected a majority Labour Government, expectations were high and Bevan promised the implementation of the long demanded Health service.

The forerunners of the National Health service goes back much further.

Our NHS is the most effective public service that we have ever created. If you want to take the profit motive out of healthcare, sign up here: And the Tories and Ukip will do all they can to destroy it. It was never part of Thatcher’s plan but even she knew that she couldn’t get rid of it. Now that the neo liberals have got the… Read more »

Also campaign against TTIP that wll enable US firms to take over the NHS.


The Green Party organised the ‘Keep the NHS Public’ meeting in Newport.It’s what is today that matters.I don’t see the Labour Party doing anything on the island.

Geoff Lumley
As ever, entirely sectarian, Milly. The meeting was organised by a ‘concerned resident’ (who I subsequently learnt wasn’t being entirely honest about who she was fronting) and her friends from Niton. Quite a number of Labour Party members were present. No mention was made of the Green Party when I was invited along. Since the meeting the silence on any campaigning front has been deafening. As ever… Read more »
Political parties cannot claim the NHS. The necessity for public healthcare came out of the need to improve a healthier workforce with better conditions to improve efficiency and productivity. The post Industrial Revolution period saw the requirement to maintain and develop various skills along with education, physical and mental health. Alongside this were necessitated improved public works, sewerage systems, clean water supplies, nutritional levels, shorter working days,… Read more »
Your wrong again …the Green Party collected many signatures ans d are a huge prescence on the island as proven by the EU elections …Im afraid there is no excuse for the Labour party they can are going to continue to privatise the NHS and that’s it … there sno getting away from it and they will also not stop the TTIP . Why are people form… Read more »

“Green Party collected many signatures and are a huge prescence on the island as proven by the EU elections ”

Mmmm! Since when does 3.44% of the electorate count as “huge” ? :-))
(per OTW 25 May 2014)

@ Geoff Please explain. I organised the public meeting, ie booked the venue, organised the showing of the documentary & Skype with Prof Allyson Pollock, invited all councillors & potential IOW parliamentary candidates, advertised etc. During my many conversations with various people it seemed that the Green Party actually had something credible to say on the matter. Stewart was also invited to speak, and as far as… Read more »
As I understand it, Geoff, it is you that is always sectarian. Don’t try and bully people. It was you that threw one of your infamous wobblies. You that said that nothing could be done without you and stormed out of a decent public meeting. It was you that said it was a talk shop and nothing would come out of it. Why? When someone from one… Read more »

Here here Milly well said.Im sick of Labours attitude and there masquerade.

Will Labour tell me hand on heart that they will be keeping the NHS in public hands 100% ? all I want is ayes or no….simples… And I will be holding you to that answer… I know that’s what the Green party promise is …but its not the Tories or UKIPS or any other ? so whats your answer Labour ? ….from what I have seen and… Read more »

Cicero like most politicians answers are to try and muddle us with figures and statistics ..well lioke most members of the public we are sick of them …facts are facts …and we know the fact is Labour and all other parties will be continuing with Austerity and privatisation …its no brainer really …Vote Green.the only anti austerity pro NHS public party in the UK


Unfortunately with the handful of seats the Greens are likely to achieve they will not be a very loud voice in Westminster tha will change things.- this time anyway.



Not as a single party, no, but they can be part of making up the numbers in an anti austerity voting bloc.


With MPs from which parties do you suggest?

Tories- not likely. New Labour- not likely unless SNP hold Miliband to ransom. LibDems (who?) UKIP (guffaw!)

So it appears the only chance would be to link with the SNP mercenaries plus a few rebel Labour MPs until they are bought-off or scared off by the whips.


Sal or Simon, am just wondering if my comment, time stamped ’31.Mar.2015 5:49pm’, is going to be allowed through?


Sally Perry

Your comment went into moderation because it contained links, but it looks as though you’ve just copied and pasted a large amount of text from another website, which we don’t allow.

If you want to submit another with just a link that will be approved.


Got into the habit of pasting text then naming the source, previously posting direct links took either an age or were simple not allowed through at all.

The text I pasted was/is completely relevant to the subject of the NHS, but I didn’t know you had rules against pasting from another website, could you point me to your site rules which stipulate this?



Gary Lumley, Stuart Blackmore …. Labour polled 12% of the Island vote at the last election. You’ve got some work to do.


“Gary Lumley, Stuart Blackmore” I guess you mean Geoff Lumley and Stewart Blackmore.

Geoff Lumley
Very true triki. But if we are basing statements on the last set of results, UKIP and the Greens both lost their deposits, as did the myriad ‘independents’. The LibDems were still the main ‘left’ challenger to Turner last time. They failed as pretty much usual in recent times, and now look where they are ! Hardly any members, one councillor, last candidate (Jill Wareham) left the… Read more »
The NHS Reinstatement Bill aims to fully renationalise and safeguard the NHS. You can read about it here… You can go to the ‘Q and A’ tab on the top right of the screen and within that you can read about the difference between the ‘Reinstatement Bill’ and labours ‘Effords Bill’ You can also go to the ‘candidate responses’ tab at the top centre of the… Read more »
If it hasn’t escaped your notice ,we have had 5 years of downright lies and deceit and a killing off of vital services…..I don’t think you cant have been around ? either that or you haven’t caught the we hate this government and all it stands for feeling in the country….I believe you are underestimating intellegent people and talking about the man in the street as if… Read more »
Latest news on the National Health Service Bill 2014-15 This Bill was presented to Parliament on 11 March 2015. This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage. The 2014-15 session of Parliament has prorogued and this Bill will make no further progress. Note: “this Bill will make no further progress.” Will Caroline Lucas present it again if… Read more »

Labour are being rumbled…



I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.


The Greens have a terrible leader in ol’ crazy eyes herself, Natalie Bennet. Vix speaks with a lot of passion. I admire it. Ever considered running the whole party Vix? I quite like what you say butI can’t defend a party which is run by that awful woman. I’d vote for you!


How shallow can you get ? hippotothewindow
so your votes are going to be on the person and not wether we can change things for the good of all.
Nothing can be worse than any of the personalities we have in now …
Please grow up.


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