Growing support for ‘Project Geranium’ spreads further happiness to older Island residents

The geranium was chosen as it symbolises good health and friendship; very apt in our current circumstances.

People holding their geraniums

Project Geranium initially saw two local organisations come together to boost the wellbeing of local older Island residents.

Steve double, a local NHS worker, inspired the project by donating 30 geranium plants for distribution to members of our community who have been socially isolated during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The geranium was chosen as it symbolises good health and friendship; very apt in our current circumstances.

Seeing these positive results, Island Nursery Care in the Garden decided to donate a further 300 geraniums that were then distributed to similar members of the community through Age UK Isle of Wight’s network of staff and volunteers.

One happy recipient called Margaret wrote in response of receiving her gift:

“I had a pleasant surprise the other day, when a most kind man brought me a geranium. Not for any other reason but just because I’m me.

“At the moment May is very painful month, which you couldn’t have known and it certainly made me smile, thank you so much for your kind thought and I will look after the plant and think of the kind gesture given to me“

Hearing of this wonderful project, recurrent charity supporters Rouse Wealth Management, contacted Age UK Isle of Wight and donated a further 200 geraniums purchased from Care in The Garden, further enabling the project to continue to grow and spread more joy across the Island.

Lisa Butler of Rouse said:

“We thought this was a wonderful and timely initiative. Social isolation can affect anyone and the current health crisis has only served to exacerbate the problem for many people.

“With everyone’s movements currently restricted, it highlights how tough it must be for those living in isolation already.

“We loved the choice of geraniums and, having previously supported Age UK Isle of Wight in their work combating social isolation, we were only too happy to be involved”

News shared by Elisha on behalf of Age UK Isle of Wight. Ed

Tuesday, 2nd June, 2020 12:40pm



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