Guildhall: Another Building The Council Wants To Sell

Yet another building the council want to sell. As people have said, ‘Why are the council selling off the Island’s family silver?’

Earlier in the week we broke the news that the council now has a list of 79 sites around the Island they are actively considering the sale of.

Newport GuildhallMany Islanders have expressed their concerns, with the accusation that the council is ‘selling off the Family silver’.

As pointed out by VB reader Jackie in the comments on the story, the Guildhall has been added to the list.

The intentions of the council are clear – they want to sell it. In their words, “To be sold, subject to service decision regarding the future of the museum.”

Marked as Low/Medium value
The council attaches a value to each of the properties on the list, but for the Guildhall they’ve only marked it as Low/Medium value.

The recommendation is to sell it on the open market, “possibly with conditions”.

The decision is due to be made by the Cabinet.

Image: simonhaytack under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Friday, 11th May, 2012 8:11am



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12 Comments on "Guildhall: Another Building The Council Wants To Sell"

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I’m sick of this council. I’ve had enough of the lot of them, the high salaried officers and the political side. What can we do to get rid of them? They seem hell bent on trying to destroy this Island. The stuff they’re not trying to destroy, they’re selling off. IT’S NOT YOURS TO SELL! You are supposed to be looking after it for us and future… Read more »

I so agree… what CAN be done about it? They’ll ruin our Island in the process of furthering their political careers then b***** off..
We LIVE ON and LOVE this Island.. hands bl***y off..

Diane Etherton

It’s about time someone sold the council off as far away as possible!”!

Alan Bennett

Well said ‘enough’ ! Everything you said is spot on. If they do push the sale through of all our assets where will the money go? New etched glass windows in County Hall, more consultants to tell us what we already know?

adrian nicholas
This surely reaches a new heritage sell-off low, and provides evidence of why Tory IWC dismissed Cllr.Geoff Lumley and Newport PC’s funding bid for the Guildhall’ renovation linked to training/employment; ‘*Guildhall* – the proposal was for external decoration and repairs to the building using a contractor that would employ a young person to learn the old methods of construction that related to a listed building. This was… Read more »

I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. These are PUBLIC assets, WE are the public they are the SERVANTS of the public.

Has anyone read the Localism Bill? Supposedly we the public are meant to have a greater say on what happens locally

Robin Ford
This is a distinguished listed building,designed by John Nash, was the law courts and also the meeting place of the old Newport Borough Council, of which I had the honour to be a member. Few pwople have had the chance to see above the ground floor – it is/was beautiful and it holds the townm’s museum. This council (if you can call it that) knows the price… Read more »
Evoke this law Verified by a solicitor here (listen at -31.14), this was the question posed….. Would the tort law of ‘duty of care’ be applicable to the council given the ‘forseeable’ element within that law.I ask this in conenction with oue economic decline and it’s direct attachment to resource depletion,all of which is,and indeed has been…’forseeable’ and backed up with a plethora of reports.I… Read more »
adrian nicholas
As a sub-topic, perhaps worth noting that the listing of Guildhall and it’s Tory IWC deemed ‘Low/Medium value,’ is the further separate earlier proposal of selling or moving of the current IOW records office long located at Newport Harbour. Taken together does this indicate a complementary low/medium value placed on Island history and heritage and also its tourist value? This, given the former housing of the IOW… Read more »
Ryde a Wight Swan

Carefull! this could be a diversionary tactic. Put a big name building up for grabs, deflect the attension away from what they are really up to, and then withdraw the sale with “after careful consideration of the public views/opinions…”

adrian nicholas
Whilst, public outcry – may cause a temporary ‘withdrawl’ for consultation by a commitee with officers – property services, i’d remind that once placed on a sale list – then, history tells us that the eventual fate has already been decided. Ryde Town hall and theatre saga springs to mind as well as Ryde esp. pavillion. as should the long running saga of Northwood House. Your not… Read more »

Just what do this Council do with OUR money, except pay themselves high wages and go on lots of jolies. All the old public buildings on the Island belong to us, they have no right to sell them off.