Happy 55th birthday to the Isle of Wight’s Hovertravel

On this day in 1965 Hovertravel began its operation. 55 years on and it’s still going strong with a loyal customer base and committed staff

Staff member holding a cupcakes at the entrance of the Hovercraft

Today (Friday) Hovertravel is celebrating its 55th anniversary, having started operations on 24th July 1965.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, says:

“We appreciate that many people had their 2020 birthday under very different circumstances, and we wanted to make this anniversary a cause for celebration, by giving cakes to our staff.

“Our engineers, ground staff, pilots and crew dedicate themselves every day to delivering the fastest and friendliest route across the Solent.

“Today is a cause for celebration for both the acknowledgement of our history and just as importantly to give confidence in the future. We look forward to many more happy returns.”   

Hovertravel’s initial services ran between Ryde, Southsea and Stokes Bay in Gosport.

Originally planned as a seasonal summer service over time the number of regular travellers and commuters grew to the extent that the year-round service became viable and remains to this day.

News shared by Stephen on behalf of Hovertravel. Ed

Friday, 24th July, 2020 10:24am


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I can remember the first day the Hovercraft travelled across the Solent.
Ryde wouldn’t seem the same without the noise of the Hovercraft going back and forth.
Well done!

I think Hovertravel’s success is largely in its novelty, as the only commercial hovercraft passenger service in the country – and of course Islanders are proud because it was invented here. So why aren’t there hovercraft services elsewhere in the UK? Is it because they guzzle fuel and emit more CO2 than various types of ferry? The hovercraft’s main advantage is that it can travel over sandbanks… Read more »