Hovertravel launches HoverCare NHS staff fares

Hovertravel have launched a new discounted range of fares for all NHS and primary care workers who wish to commute across the Solent

Hovercraft and the NHS Professional Card

Stephen shares this latest news on behalf of Hovertravel. Ed

Hovertravel’s HoverCare initiative, which promotes better access for all, has launched a new discounted range of fares for all NHS and primary care workers who wish to commute across the Solent.

Loretta Lale, head of commercial at Hovertravel, explains:

“We have listened to the local community about the requirement for discounted ticket prices for NHS workers.

“We want to ensure Hovertravel is the first choice of travel for NHS staff who need to travel to and from the Isle of Wight at short notice, and also to assist the NHS Trust with its recruitment drive.”

Discounts on tickets and travel cards
As well as a significant 20% reduction on the standard day return price, there are also discounts for NHS staff who wish to buy unlimited travel cards ranging from 1 to 12 months or flexible travel cards ranging from 10 to 250 journeys.

Proof of NHS employment must be shown at the time of purchase and all customers will be given a HoverCare card which can be shown when requested in the terminals. 

Find out more
For more details about Hovertravel’s NHS fare please visit the Website.

Wednesday, 1st May, 2019 3:17pm


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This is EXCELLENT news for the Isle of Wight and neighbouring NHS Trusts. Shame that Red Funnel and Wightlink haven’t stepped-up to do the same. The huge expense of commuting to provide healthcare services can usually only be met by those in senior grades.


Not sure why anyone would give the above comment of mine a ‘thumbs down’…?!


I don’t know why either (and haven’t thumbed up or down) but would hazard a guess that some might be upset that people in certain employment roles are given discounts when others aren’t. What makes working for the NHS more worthy of discount than many other occupations I could think of? Plenty of private and public ownership organisations have recruitment problems.


I can see that. Just not sure why anyone would begrudge a public service having preferential treatment as it ultimately benefits everyone, unlike private business.