Hovertravel service suffering technical issues today

Due to a technical problem Hovertravel will only be running a one craft service for the rest of the day. Passengers not wanting to use the rush hour shuttle service can travel on Wightlink and will be transferred by Hoverbus.

New hovercraft

This in from Hovertravel. Ed

We will be operating a one craft timetable for the rest of today – Friday 16 March, due to technical problems where we are only able to operate 1 of our craft.

Shuttle service
From 1545 to 1745 departing Ryde, 16:00 to 18:00 departing Southsea we will operate a shuttle service, with departures and arrivals occurring as frequently as possible.

Passengers who do not wish to use the shuttle service can use Wightlink and a Hovertravel member of staff will be at the Wightlink Fast Cat terminal to issue pre-paid vouchers between 1530 and 1900.

Transfer to Wightlink
The Hoverbus will operate as normal and, if required, will transfer passengers to catch the Wightlink Cat departures.

If you are travelling from Ryde, all passengers will be accommodated on the shuttle service.

We apologise wholeheartedly for the delay and disruption to your journeys today.

Engineers working tirelessly
Our engineering team is fully focussed on the technical issues and working tirelessly on a solution to bring a second craft into service.

An update regarding next week’s timetable will be issued over the weekend.

Please note that our weekend service will not be affected, and we will be operating as normal for Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, 16th March, 2018 1:01pm


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Email updates?

It never surprises me that Hovertravel craft breakdown. Their poor customer service and poor maintenance were the reasons I never wish to travel with them again. New craft same problem: poor management and poor service.


This company and the craft really don’t seem fit for purpose. Things are really so much worse since the new craft. How can we live our working commuter lives with such an unreliable and expensive service? I’m fed up with having to go via the pier head and the waste of time that this so often entails. Terrible.