Huge coils of rope donated to Isle of Wight Zoo and Wight Squirrel Project

Read how the Isle of Wight Zoo and Wight Squirrel Project plan to use the huge coils of rope donated by Wightlink

The long rope outside the zoo with zoo staff and wightlink member

Around a half a kilometre of rope is now providing creature comforts for two Isle of Wight wildlife projects thanks to Wightlink. 

The ferry company has donated huge coils of rope to both the Isle of Wight Zoo at Sandown and the Wight Squirrel Project.

The rope has been lying idle at Wightlink’s stores but will be now be used to provide scratching posts and other amusement to big cats and primates at the zoo and by the squirrel project to provide rope ‘walkways’ along which squirrels can safely travel. 

Mitchell: Too big for our day-to-day operation
The rope was delivered by Wightlink Captain, Sam Mitchell. He says,

“The ropes were originally used for securing the Victoria of Wight to her berth during construction. They came with the ship when delivered but are too big for our day-to-day operation. 

“We always try to find a use for surplus material rather then send it away as waste. I have visited the zoo a number of times and seen the ropes are used frequently by the animals so we called them up and asked if they would like it. 

“A colleague suggested we also ask the squirrel project and they too were delighted to receive a share. It’s great that we can help two Island projects in their work to conserve wildlife.” 

Godsell: Rope of this quality is very expensive to buy
Emma Godsell, senior animal carer at the Zoo, says,

“Wightlink is a good friend to us and once again we are really pleased to receive their support.

“There are all kinds of uses for rope of this quality which is very expensive to buy, so we are thrilled to have such a good amount to keep us going.” 

Butler: Great to have support from local businesses
Helen Butler MBE, Chair of The Isle of Wight Red Squirrel Trust, says,

“It’s good to have rope in stock in case we have an urgent need in areas with high numbers of red squirrel traffic accidents.  At the moment, we use it on unadopted roads or private estates due to insurance restrictions. 

“Thank you to Wightlink for thinking of us, it’s great to have support from local businesses.” 

News shared by Karen on behalf of Wightlink. Ed

Image: (L-R) Emma Godsell, Sandra Peelo, animal big cat carer and Wightlink Captain Sam Mitchell with some of the rope. 

Thursday, 18th February, 2021 5:17pm



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