Is Andrew Turner thinking of jumping to UKIP?

People have been asking for a while. An analysis of his voting on Europe suggests he is in top 20 Cons most likely to switch to UKIP. He hasn’t denied it yet.

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Since the previously-Conservative MPs Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless jumped to UKIP, people have asking OnTheWight, ‘Is Andrew Turner going to switch to UKIP?’

Their reasoning, they tell us, is that quite a lot of his thinking appears to be in line with UKIP, again recently illustrated with yesterday’s news that he thinks there should be an “Emergency cap on EU migrants.”

It’s come to light that there’s some data that adds weight to what was previously just speculation.

Richard Taylor, of Cambridge, took to analysing the data from the fabulous The Public Whip of which MP had the most anti-EU voting record, putting it into an article called The Next UKIP Defectors – Based on Parliamentary Voting Records.

This data shows Douglas Carswell was fifth and Mark Reckless 11th. Andrew Turner is only six slots behind Mark Reckless, at 17th.

To examine the data behind this, the page detailing Andrew Turner’s EU-related voting record is shown on The Public Whip.

No assurance from Andrew Turner
Of course, Andrew’s voting record is but one factor, so who better than to ask the man himself.

OnTheWight wrote to Andrew Turner last night, after providing the background, we asked a very simple question,

Can Andrew give an absolute assurance to IW voters that he will remain with in the Conservative party and not switch to UKIP?

With the working day well and truly over, we’ve yet to hear an answer to this very simple question.

Image: Glocal Panorama under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 6th November, 2014 7:43pm



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Philip Hawkins

Would it save him if he did?


Wrong question OTW- you should have asked him if he would stand as an Independent which would probably give hime a better chance of being reelected than UKIP given the distaste currently being shown for ICWA and UKIP on the Island.

Mason Watch

Can’t we see IF UKIP will take the Boy Pugh if we throw in a couple of his minions as a sweetener? Just picture the look on Nigel’s face in a year or two when the inevitable Pugh Coup starts to gather momentum…….

Robert Jones

While I rather doubt it, it would explain the almost funereal silence of recent months on the part of the UKIP candidate; Farage would not hesitate for a second to dump him if he thought another sitting MP was about to come on board – perhaps he’s been told to keep his head down….

Who knows? Not I, that’s for sure.


Didn’t the UKIP candidate recently join the smear campaign about AT’s expenses while forgetting UKIP’s past and present travails with MEP’s expenses and apparently refusing to have them audited?

Foot in mouth time? :-)

retired Hack
It was in fact Cameron who, on October 16th, first flew the kite of what he called an “emergency brake” on EU immigration. So I see Turner’s latest statement as continuing his pattern of slavishly repeating the party line – or at last those parts of the party line with which he agrees. I also agree with Cicero that Turner would see “going independent” as a more… Read more »
retired Hack

…should be “or at least those parts (etc).

Island Monkey
If the so called ‘nasty cabal’ that flourishes as part of the local Tory party continues to attack him relentlessly, then I think Andrew Turner would be mad not to go independent and thrash the boy Pugh into further political oblivion. It seems quite clear to me that the most likely motive for these half-baked coup attempts is (as most of us think) to put up Pugh… Read more »
Mrs Retired Hack

Brilliant, Island Monkey, just brilliant .


Turner would certainly be a more palatable candidate as an independent than if he defected to join the swivel-eyed loons on the extreme right.

I think dumping the blue sash would probably extend his majority significantly as he does a good job as The Island’s MP rather than a Conservative Party Representative.

Stewart Blackmore

Mr Turner’s voting record is just as right-wing as any UKIP member, swivel-eyed or no.


Compare and contrast AT’s voting record with that Blair/Brown/Milliband’s quasi-Tory New Labour governments and opposition.

Stewart Blackmore

But nobody is suggesting that any of Blair/Brown/Miliband is going to join UKIP.

If you think that anything Blair & Brown did by way of investing in schools, NHS, families, and many others bears any resemblance to the fiasco of the Tories and/or Libdems, think again Cicero.

Stewart- how about Milliband’s *Voting moderately for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas *Voting very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war (Surprise! Surprise!) * Voting very strongly for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system * Voting moderately for more EU integration * Voting moderately against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU (That might well change given the… Read more »

Stewart- yes- we have Blair/Brown to thank for schools (the failing Academy system), NHS (increase in beancounters and thus less money for medical facilities), the Iraq War, decline of public confidence in politicians (falling below that of second-hand car salesmen and estate agents) and so on.


Stewart- if Milliband survives to the next election, bookies’ odds on 2016 results suggest that Labour might be forced into a coalition with UKIP if it wants power again.


“2015 results”

Robert Jones

Gavin Foster was the Council’s press spokesman, not David’s personal representative. I rather doubt that any Tory could rely on his vote.

hazel wyld

well I for one would be amazed if Andrew Turner changed parties, can`t see it happening somehow but what do I know!

Mr Magoo
Andrew Turner reminds me of the faithful old sheepdog who can no longer work the flock in the fields but who spends his day in the farmhouse by the fire. He eats, sleeps, wags his tail when patted and occasionally barks if someone knocks on the door . Leaving his comfort zone and going out to graft for a new shepherd would be like teaching an old… Read more »
Mark Francis
Vote UKIP for a better 1956! Planting the Union Flag of Empire over the blistering sands of Suez! The mighty roar of the Bristol Brabazon airliners, their vapour trails stitching together the far-flung lands of Empire, as the native chappies look up with envy, despairing of ever crossing to the promised land of Blighty, its borders ceaselessly patrolled by “Turner” destroyers agisnst the envy of less happy… Read more »

@Mark Francis’s
What a wonderful sense of irony you create.

At that time Britain was visibly collapsing with government led failure all round.
Suez a success? Brabazon airliner a success? Plus other military inspired world beating initiatives or not and all taxpayer funded.

Island Monkey

What was wrong with 1956?

Some of us, including those millions who queued at the Tower of London poppy memorial remember old England as it used to be with fondness. Change isn’t always for the better young man.


1956 eh?

Suez fiasco
Anthony Eden fails as PM
Spies Burgess and Maclean turn up in Moscos
Double yellow lines introduced
Govt rejects anti-smoking campaign
400 people alleged murdered by Dr. John Bodkin Adams
First nuclear power station opened.
Petrol rationing
IRA starts its bombing and murder campaign

…Oh and I still had another year of boring National Service to do. As we used to say “Roll on Death, demob is too far away!”

Mark Francis

I’m 56.


Newbie! :-))

I actually wrote and asked him this question and have his written reply in front of me dated 05 September 2014 stating his views on EUROPE. Without copying out the whole letter here are two main points he made which give a clue as to what he might do after the Rochester By election: He stated: “It is the Conservative Party and my own opinion that we… Read more »

What exactly is the issue with each of us contributing £34 per year for EU membership?

Look at what we get:

Why would people want out of something that’s so cheap and enriches our country and culture so much?


Don’t be ridiculous ThomasC!
Check your sources before quoting.
That link is a load of bunkhum written by
an obscure university student.

Don Smith
Better the devil you know. What is more, Andrew has served us well. He will survive, then off to the House of Nod (Lords). Those LITTLE men who are sh*t stirring, can go to hell. All the OAP love Andrew and just as long as those at Westminster do not squeeze us, all will be well. Not even UKIP or the traitors can put a dent into… Read more »