Island Budget Cuts on Julian Clegg Radio Solent Show

More discussions on proposed budget cuts

Island Budget Cuts on Julian Clegg Show Radio SolentFollowing Steve Beynon’s presentation to the voluntary sector at the Riverside Centre in Newport just over a week ago, the proposed Island budget cuts were discussed on the Julian Clegg show on BBC Radio Solent last Tuesday.

Appearing on the show along with Steve Beynon were Bob Dalton (New Horizons), Fiona Gwinnett (Chief Executive of the Island Women’s Refuge and Domestic Abuse Services) and Nichola Goom (ROCC).

If you missed the recording you can listen again, the show is still available on BBC iPlayer until tomorrow (Tuesday 16th).

The first hit is at 40 minutes in and the second at 1 hour 50 mins in.

It’s worth pointing out that that £2m that Steve Beynon refers to for Adult social care is not new money, but money that was previously provided as part of the £5.5m for 2009/10 but yet unallocated (as pointed out by Nichola Goom in her podcast with VB).

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Monday, 15th February, 2010 4:54pm



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Hazel wyld

I have arranged a peaceful demonstration against the cuts to those with learning difficulties on Wednesday 17th outside coucil offices at 4.30pm this is to stop the closing of Westminster House and the threatened closure of Meadowbanks, riverside otel, Medina centre and Haylands farm if this concerna you please come along and join us.


It will be my pleasure to join you. A protest including adults with learning disabilities may just shame this council into thinking again.
To announce these cuts and closures without any prior consultation is typical of Pugh and Beynon. Shameful. I just cannot believe any council would be so stupid as to do this while maintaining a £1 million a year ‘communications’ budget. It’s sick.


Particularly as their communications are a mess.

Party animal

I see you’re tweeting about red faces at County Hall. Sadly the embarassment isn’t caused by cuts to adult services but the council’s valentine’s ball! Hard to say too much, but I think one senior councillor needs to choose his dates more carefully.

Hazel wyld

Glad their all having fun, my daughter will be devastated if she loses her day services and I will be starting a new campaign involving the daily press!!!!!