Fire on Island Line train

Island Line trains are suspended this evening after a fire broke out on the 19.10 from Ryde. Staff have been praised for how they handled the incident.

island line train

Island Line have suspended all trains between Shanklin and Ryde Pier Head this evening (Tuesday).

Felix Thompson posted to the Community Information Facebook page that a fire had broken out in the driver’s cab,

He said,

“No one injured I believe, small electrical fire broke out under the driver’s cab, train was stationary and evacuated quickly.”

He went on to praise the staff,

“10 out of 10 for the staff’s professional conduct and training.”

Felix went on to say that cars are being allowed off the pier, but not onto it.

Southern Vectis bus
According to National Rail, your train tickets can be used on Southern Vectis bus routes 2 and 3 tonight whilst the line is suspended.

Suspended for the evening
The official word from South Western Trains was:

Due to a problem currently under investigation between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin all lines are blocked.

Train services running to and from these stations will be cancelled. Disruption is expected until the end of the day.

We have received reports of an incident on the Island Line. The local control centre has advised the service will be suspended until further notice.

This incident has only just occurred and further information will be provided when known.
We are sorry for the disruption caused to your journey.

If you require assistance to complete your journey, please see a member of station staff or press the ‘Information’ button on a station help point.

The line was back in operation by 10pm. There were no injuries to staff or members of the public.

Image: tompagenet under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 14th November, 2017 8:07pm



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Email updates?

Oh dear, didn’t bother to check your facts again Dave. Obviously you haven’t seen the newly refurbished number 6 unit that looks brand new. As for being an embarrassment to the Island i think you’ll find the floating bridge fiasco has got that one covered. By the way, even modern trains catch fire occasionally, you might want to read up on this? Remember, google is your friend!


Strange as it may seem, to many visitors these pre-war London Underground trains are an attraction. Where else would you get the chance to actually travel on one?

What I couldn’t understand was why a train in trouble at Ryde Pierhead meant the whole line had to be shut down?


These trains are now an embarrassment to the Island. If they cannot be replaced urgently, can they not, at the very least, get a lick of paint?