Island Line Train Lost Property: Where To Find It

Here’s some help to track down things you’ve lost on the train

If you find yourself in the position of having left something on the train on the Isle of Wight and aren’t sure how to go about trying to get it back, we’ve gathered some information for you to help.

Lost propertyFor the quickest results, it might be best to just go to the train ticket office at Ryde Esplanade. That’s where all of the bits gathered over the whole line come to.

Just go to the desk, tell them what you’ve left and they’ll have a rummage around for you. If they find it, you’ll be asked to sign a receipt for it and it’ll be handed to you.

There’s a phone number to try as well – 01983 562 492 – but we’ve only ever found an answering machine at the end of it. Leave a message and they say they’ll call you back.

Image: renaissancechambara under a CC BY 2.0 license

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Any lost property handed in on train or at stations is all sent to Ryde Esplanade where all items are logged and tagged. The answer machine is checked on a regular basis and people are called back. Lost property is sent to Waterloo station on a monthly basis. SWT lost property number is 02074017861. More details can be found on the Islandline trains, South West trains lost… Read more »

Fail to see the relevance of this article?

Are ventnorblog going to advise where to find lost property on Southern Vectis buses and the ferry companies too?

Think the company makes it pretty clear from their website where to find lost property if a kind member of public has handed it in?