Island Roads announce next phase of major works (updated)

A major programme of work to upgrade roads and pavements across the Island is to begin next month. Make sure you allow extra time for travel.

Roadworks signs

This in from Highways PFI contractor, Island Roads. In their own words. Ed

This programme by Island Roads is the most intense schedule of works yet to be undertaken through the Highways PFI under which virtually the entire road network will be improved over the next seven years in what is called the project’s Core Investment Period (CIP).

The surfacing material used to deliver the programme will be supplied locally and, where practical, crews will work through the night to minimise the impact the resurfacing will have on road users. This work will also be mindful of any impact on residents living in the vicinity.

Multi-media communications plan
Accompanying the programme will be a multi-media communications plan to help ensure all residents will know about the work in advance.

The programme will coincide with on-going work to maintain a significant number of the Island’s most potholed stretches of road ahead of their planned resurfacing within the CIP.

Island Roads will also be unveiling plans to undertake over the winter, major geotechnical schemes to maintain the highway at two prominent locations prone to ground movement.

“Residents will now see work intensify”
Island Roads service director Paul Herbert, said:

“As I am sure residents know by now, the Highways PFI is the largest engineering project ever undertaken on the Island. As we move out of the main tourism period and, assisted by the plans through a joint venture to supply the quality materials the project requires, residents will now see work intensify.

“This is the first major element of what will be a rolling programme of activities to improve the condition of our highways network. We know that for many years residents have wanted to see the highway network greatly improved – now they are about to see the work required to do that really begin in earnest.”

Paul added:

“While we will make every effort to keep the impact of the work to an absolute minimum, some level of disruption is unfortunately inevitable. We apologise for this in advance but hope any short term inconvenience is offset by the long term advantage of seeing the Island’s roads and pavements being brought up to the standards required.”

“We will endeavour to inform residents of the works starting so they can plan their journeys accordingly.”

Gilbey: “Island’s roads are badly in need of repair”
Councillor Jon Gilbey, Isle of Wight Council cabinet member responsible for highways said:

“As residents are all too aware, the Island’s roads are badly in need of repair so it is welcome news that Island Roads is now ready to start this comprehensive programme of work.

“I am pleased the works are taking place after the school summer holidays when the Island’s roads are at their busiest due to the influx of holidaymakers.

“Works of this scale will inevitably cause some disruption to residents, however in developing the Highways PFI contract the council took steps to minimise this by restricting when some of the works can take place, for example by avoiding main commuter times and large Island events where possible.”

The initial programme of work, which may be subject to change, should there be adverse weather conditions.

The Island Roads mobile visitor centre will be at James Square, Newport on Thursday 29 August between 10.30 and 12:30 when residents will have the opportunity to find out more about the programme.

Given there was no mention of where the major works would take place, we asked Island Roads for details of locations.

They replied,

Our draft programme includes works to surface sections of the following roads:

Whippingham Road, East Cowes
Pallance Road, Cowes
Medina Avenue, Newport
High Street, Carisbrooke
Station Road, Wootton
Swanmore Road, Ryde
Sandown Road, Shanklin
Arreton and Downend Road, Arreton
Kemming Road, Whitwell
Shanklin Road, Godshill
Copse Lane, Freshwater
Main Road, Newbridge
Main Road, Shalfleet

These are not in date order but offer a selection of some of the locations we will be surfacing through our next trance of work and are subject to change.

Island Roads will be notifying residents and businesses directly affected by our works closer to the confirmed start dates of these.

Image: Oatsy40 under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 23rd August, 2013 12:01am



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Email updates?
Don Smith

By the time they [Island Roads] have fixed all the fat cat salaries and paid for all the consultations, there’s not going to be a great deal left to fix the roads.

Ed Mew

If you read closely you will see it says “Our draft programme includes works to surface sections of the following roads:
The word “sections” is what bothers me!
Like the “sections” they have done on the dual carriage way. A little bit here and a little bit there.
Not resurface the whole road properly and try and make it level at the same time!!!

mike starke
“Downwind Resident” is right to highlight the 14 secret files on the PFI contract. I have already urged the new regime at County Hall to look in the cupboard marked “skeletons” to find them. Perhaps interim general manager Dave Burbage, a key member of the top team that oversaw the PFI contract come to fruition under the disredited old regime, could help? Meanwhile, the PFI’s Outline Business… Read more »
Steve Goodman

We did say that somebody would be grateful for our glorious golden potholes under the change to a 25 year PFI commitment.

I am another of those waiting to learn more about exactly what we are funding under the long contract signed by the previous administration just before their eviction.

Island Roads recently resurfaced two residential cul-de-sacs in Bembridge but ignored a nearby major road (Steyne Road) on which the surface has now worn away two levels down from the top surface that was renewed a couple of years ago. Having brought its heavy road-mending equipment to Bembridge, one would have thought Steyne Road would have taken priority over two short residential cul-de-sacs as it is the… Read more »

When Island Roads closed Newport Road in Ventnor for resurfacing there was a barrage of criticism that they shouldn’t be doing main roads in the main tourist season.

Maybe they are taking the season into account and were doing minor roads so as not to be disruptive in the summer and will do major roads when it is less busy? That would seem a sensible policy.


Reasonable point!


Minor roads done now will probably last to the end of the contract, major roads won’t. So you leave those major roads as long as possible . . .


Have seen the condition of New street in Newport and some side roads in the Gunville area,as i missed the work actually taking place,can anybody tell me,did they roll/compact the material that was laid,or did they just let the traffic run over,as that is what it looks like,rubber on new tarmac,recipe for disaster.


is this re-building or just re-surfacing

Don Smith

Mi thinks they call it a resurface veneer.


So Island Roads works are only going to start in earnest this September?

Is that supposed to explain why so many of the works they’ve completed so far have been sub-standard?

Let’s hope that the work they do in earnest is more than what appears to have been the equivalent of a quick skim of plaster on the projects executed to date.

diogenes' barrel

”These are not in date order but offer a selection of some of the locations we will be surfacing through our next trance of work and are subject to change.”

It seems that Island Roads do all their work in a ‘Trance.’

Just an observation: Having recently driven through parts of Berkshire, I spotted a large number of vehicles with a “Eurovia” logo painted on them and rather pitiful conditions on main roads. Just a coincidence? Also, New Street in Newport has just been resurfaced and I must say, this is probably one of the worst surfacing jobs that I have seen in a long while. (Plus, was this… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Greetings from Berkshire (Reading area), where I have been chatting to some of those Eurovia surfacing employees. (“In 1992, Ringway (Eurovia) was the winning bidder of the first road-maintenance privatization contract, in Berkshire County”).

I think their clothing is more ‘golden pothole’ than ‘neon yellow’.


Steyne Road, Bembridge is an absolute disgrace and yet doesn’t appear on the “draft programme” in fact Bembridge is nowhere to be seen ! Why ?

Downwind resident
When will the public be allowed to see the full Highways PFI Contract documents (14 volumes?) in an non-redacted format? It’s about time we were allowed to understand what exactly we are paying for! Are we ever going to receive genuinely reconstructed roads with new base layers or just tarted up bits and pieces on ‘Virtually all the roads’? Ex Cabinet County Councillor Giles agreed to this… Read more »

Typical moaning from the royston vasey lot.
Wasting ‘our’ money? its not even your money, its a PFI! funded pretty much by Barclays bank.

bob might like to look closer at the expensive & embarrassing history of PFI: loathed by politicians when in opposition; loved by them once in power as a means of fiddling the books… claimed to be a way to pay less for better services; proving to be the opposite with public projects costing many times more than their actual worth, & resulting in damaging avoidable contraction of… Read more »