Island Tax Office Staff Informed Of Redundancies

Sad news as Islander lose their jobs from the Island tax office.

We heard today that the staff at the Isle of Wight tax processing office at St Cross Business, Newport will be made redundant.

Tax office phone number is now 0300 200 3300

Island Tax Office Staff Informed Of RedundanciesThe announcement went out today to the back office staff informing them that they will lose their jobs some time between now and 2011.

Wednesday, 13th January, 2010 4:43pm



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James P

Wonderful! So instead, Island affairs will be handled by other staff commuting from the mainland and it won’t save any (of our) money at all. It will just come out of a different tin…


Please see the Petition I set up regarding the Iow Tax office closure. Please can you get as many of your friends to sign as well




Sounds like you’ve got it about right James. And any local knowledge will be lost too. Typical government, appear to save money but the real cost of your decision is actually higher. Like buying a mink coat for ‘half price’ in the sales so you can claim to have saved X amount.

Maybe if they had of stayed in a smaller building like when it used to be oppisite Macdonalds they might have some cash left. Rather than make them all jobless why not just cut back on MP’s wages? I once owed HMRC a lot of fines for hiding in the sand and not sending in my tax returns on time, If it wasn’t for the friendly staff… Read more »
Just after they moved, I went there to pay my tax as you could at the Nodehill office. But they said they didn’t deal with tax money or accept tax returns or give advice any longer. So what were they there for ? Now to avoid putting cheques in the post I pay at the Post Office. Tax information you now have to get online, and it’s… Read more »
James P

“Now to avoid putting cheques in the post I pay at the Post Office”

Make the best of it while you can! Both cheques and Post Offices will soon be obsolete if the banks and the grubberment get their way.. :-(


When I first moved hear, a long standing dispute dating back to 1988 was still outstanding.

The IOW Tax office took three weeks to sort it all out. I dealt with one person, on the phone wrote only two letters.

I cannot praise them high enough..doubt we’ll get the same service when they move

They will try and phazed them out by 2016 so not long now. Even people in the house of lords admit they are cheque users and dont want to see them go. Wouldn’t supprise me if we in the near future we all have to rely on ‘digital’ and ‘electronic’ money and notes and coins will become history I read that an america scientist has manage to… Read more »