Mystery of third animal attack on Isle of Wight sheep


Police say some of the sheep involved in these incidents appear to have been bitten, but it’s not clear as to what animal may have caused these injuries at this stage.

Saturday, 29th September, 2018 10:51am

By Hampshire Constabulary

Step through these atmospheric images of Blackgang in fog

Fog from pepperpot - road

These photographs shared with us by Tobias Penner of Blackgang and surrounds shrouded in fog earlier this week are outstanding. See his gallery here.

Friday, 17th March, 2017 1:03pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Rural bus service first in decades to operate without IWC funding say Southern Vectis

Southern Vectis Bus

Southern Vectis say this is the first time in decades that a bus service for the rural communities they serve has been operated without local authority funding and that the current timetable for route 6 is run entirely on a commercial basis.

Thursday, 2nd February, 2017 6:19pm

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council challenges bus company on service reduction

Single decker southern vectis bus by eastleightbusman

Leader of the council says that Southern Vectis should have widely consulted before switching the Route 6 bus to winter timetable all year round.

Wednesday, 1st February, 2017 3:23pm

By IW Council Press Office with 6 readers' comments

Beauty of Blackgang landslip captured from the skies (video)

Blackgang Chine from the air

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful flight over the Blackgang landslip, filmed by Paul Knights onboard his model glider.

Friday, 3rd July, 2015 12:52pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

We love this stars and boats time lapse video of spooky overnight yacht race

Stars and boats

If you spotted the spectacle of dozens of yachts taking part in a night race just over a week ago (or even if you didn't), you'll love this timelapse video by Julian Winslow.

Thursday, 2nd July, 2015 7:48pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Adventuring family of 12 rescued by Coastguard (Two photo sets)

Blackgang rescue - 7 June 2015 - Helicopter with sunset - 640px

Finding themselves lost, tired and concerned, a holidaying family of twelve did the right thing and called the emergency services. We've got two great sets of photos.

Monday, 8th June, 2015 11:40am

By Simon Perry with one comment

Cows on the loose between Blackgang and Niton

Cow in a field

Take care if you're planning to drive between Niton and Blackgang this morning, as a herd of cows are reported to be on the loose.

Friday, 5th June, 2015 9:56am

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Tragedy as friends see car go over edge of cliff

Everlasting flower

Our thoughts are with the Northwood man's family and friends, especially those who witnessed his death.

Tuesday, 23rd September, 2014 3:24pm

By Sally Perry

20th anniversary of Blackgang landslide

Blackgang landslide

Video footage on YouTube will take you on a trip down memory lane, back 20 years to the devastating Blackgang landslide.

Tuesday, 21st January, 2014 3:13pm

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Dinosaur mobile app ‘Meteor’ locations revealed

Find out where the six locations are that will be used by the Dinosaur mobile phone app we revealed back at the start of March.

Monday, 22nd April, 2013 3:45pm

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Blackgang car park sale: The Conditions – Are they conditional? (Updated)

It's not 100% clear if the three protective conditions on future use of the car park will be insisted on by the Council, if it sells.

Monday, 7th January, 2013 6:05pm

By Simon Perry with 3 readers' comments