Beauty of Blackgang landslip captured from the skies (video)

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful flight over the Blackgang landslip, filmed by Paul Knights onboard his model glider.

Blackgang Chine from the air

Thanks to OnTheWight reader Paul Knights for getting in touch this week with a great aerial drone video he shot on Monday evening.

His timing was perfect, when the light was at its most beautiful and golden.

Go Pro
Paul took a radio-controlled glider out to Blackgang and fitted a Go Pro camera to the top of it.

As you can see from the results below, he managed to perfectly capture the beauty of the historical landslip, with St Catherine’s lighthouse in the background.

It’s three minutes of relaxing bliss.

Sit back, set the video to play full-screen and enjoy the flight ….

Friday, 3rd July, 2015 12:52pm



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4 Comments on "Beauty of Blackgang landslip captured from the skies (video)"

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Absolutely stunning….we’ve just moved a few minutes away from here and I try and explain to friends back home just how beautiful it is down there….I can’t do it any justice. This us beautiful work :)

Mr Einsteins Ghost



You guys are always covering amazing shots from the air-hows about you come flying? I will be at Sandown tomorrow morning, would be more than happy to take you up and introduce you to the skies above :)


Thanks Bazaldog. Maybe some other time I can accept your kind offer… Meanwhile keep a lookout for my next clip. :) …..and happy flying!