Islanders signing Revoke Article 50 petition hits over 4%

The number of Isle of Wight residents who have now signed the petition calling on the Government to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU has grown considerably since yesterday. OnTheWight has the latest update.

'islanders for europe' on march in london

The online petition calling for the Government to ‘Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU’ has grown from just under a million signatures when we reported on it yesterday (Thursday), to now over 3.2m signatures.

The percentage of Islanders who have signed the petition has also grown to 5,629 – making up 4.05% of the 139,105 constituents.

Fastest growing petition
The House of Commons Petitions Committee stated the rate of signatures being added to the petition was the fastest growing in the history of their petition site.

Such has been the demand, that the number of signatures is no longer being updated in real time (meaning it could be higher than shown).

You can check the numbers signing the petition on the official Government Website.

Friday, 22nd March, 2019 3:03pm



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Email updates?
Dear “Profound Life” I voted Leave (with my heart), but now support a second referendum (with my head). The possibility of a sensible exit which would have unified the country and been a win-win for both the UK and EU has been lost through disastrous negotiation. It is only right that the end result i.e. May’s deal, No Deal or Remain should be tested through a second… Read more »
Well, if I take you at your word, you’re the first Leaver I’ve engaged with who’s changed their mind. All others haven’t because they know the first hadn’t been implemented. Cameron also said he works so so and then the two main parties stood on manifestos saying they world implement the result in 2017. The mandate is there already. It would be a very EU thing to… Read more »
profoundlife# Meet another changer. I’m surprised so many people consistently claim they have never met anyone who has changed their mind on Brexit. I was a reluctant Leave voter and now believe I made a wrong choice. I’m honest enough to admit my mistake and it amazes me that so many Leave voters are incapable of reconsidering their position. Listen to phone in shows on Brexit and… Read more »
There are a lot of Islanders heading up to London tomorrow to take part in the #PeoplesVoteMarch It seems that the intransigent Theresea May’s complete refusal to listen to the public, or modify her stance on Brexit has reached a tipping point. Do the majority of British people now want to Brexit, three years after the initial poorly informed and lie-strewn vote? There doesn’t seem to be… Read more »
I’m going to take a guess here, ThomasC, that you were a Remainer in the referendum and are still a Remainer now? The hard pill to swallow is that a lot of reasonable, normal people saw through any politician drivel, assessed for themselves and voted Leave. And I’ve yet to meet a Leaver who has said they voted on lies and has changed their mind. The polls… Read more »
It is difficult to read just where the UK is remain or leave but according to the latest polls there are more in favour of remain than leave. It is simple human nature that people find if difficult to admit they have got something wrong and will support their position no matter what. As we are now 3 years on there should at least be a conformation… Read more »
One of the issues here is differing views of how democracy should work, largely as a result of a lack of a written constitution and a political system which is based on arcane historic rules and first past the post system derived from medieval government. In modern democracies, using referenda regularly, it is quite normal to pose a question again if there is sufficient support, not necessarily… Read more »
Dear Presto, Agree completely with the expressed point of view, provided, a second referendum is not implemented with the express intention of over turning or even rubbishing the result of the principal referendum. The Eu has repeatedly demonstrated its total resistance to national democracy, In that Ireland and indeed Norway were both instructed to hold repeat referendum until the result they had ordered was acceptable to them… Read more »
Steve Goodman

…or their recent use of sortition (to settle the previously divisive abortion in Ireland issue).


…and by the way, I will also join the March!

I noticed that among the 4 million votes to revoke article 50 petition were : 8000 from Jacob Rees-Mogg 700 from Idi Amim 500 from The Pope and several thousand from Russia, North Korea ans Azerbijan (to name a few) Which goes to show that anyone with the strength (but not the intelligence) to press a button on a phone can have a vote (or ten) Brexit… Read more »
How could you possibly notice that when the names of those signing are not published? I’m fairly certain that they only publish voter counts by constituency. As far as I’m aware there is no evidence whatsoever that there is any significant fraud with the petition. Of course there will some, but I’d wager it’s a fairly small amount. The UK Gov web developers have a good reputation… Read more »

Thought you might be interested to know that, on his Twitter account, the Islands most brilliant and fantastic councillor Chris Whitehouse, claims to have personally added the names of Mogg, Farage and others.

What he doesn’t explain is how he created unique email addresses for each individual.

I know this may shock people, but I suspect Whitehouse is, once again, talking b*****ks.

Unique email addresses are easy to set up, just sign up for an outlook/gmail/live/AOL etc email address. And anyone with a Web hosting package with email capability can have many email aliases using just one email account! It’s easy to change your ip too, turn your mobile data off and on again usually you’ll get a new ip address or alternatively move to the next available WiFi… Read more »
Billy Builder
Your quite correct it is easy to create an anonymous email address and use a random post code, but setting up 5M unique emails with real post codes and responding to every email in a timely manner is very hard. Whilst there will undoubtedly be a small number of fake signings the vast majority will be real. Based on signings alone and disregarding the fact that the… Read more »
I just checked and they do also break down voters by country. Currently 97% is from the UK, so again no evidence of mass signing ‘foreign’ bots or whatever. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that there are considerable numbers of UK citizens not currently in the country (for whatever reason) that would want to sign. For example, a quick search tells me that in 2017 the… Read more »

Made up rubbish with a dash of abuse. Sort of sums up the last three years really.


Now 8,380


Happy to say that the petition is well on it’s way to 4 and a half million.

I wish those on the People’s Vote march today all the best, sadly, I am unable to attend.

However, for those, who like myself are unable to attend, you can still make your views known to May by using the link I provide below.


Let me know when there’s 50 million signatures. Can’t be long now.

Lies, damned lies, statistics and fake signatures on petitions…ha,ha,ha…


It isn’t as trivial as you might think to add fake signatures in bulk. See my previous post about the fraud detection used on the site.

Consider this: if it was so easy to do, then why isn’t there such a large surge for a leave petition?


Because there is no need. We’re leaving. That’s what the majority voted for. Everything else is just hot air and those seeking to undermine the will of the people. ha, ha ha.

Mark L Francis

5,457,750 for remain, one tenth of that for the no deal petition.
Revoke s50 then have a 2nd (technically a third) referendum (when many of the frail elderly will have shuffled off this mortal coil in the happy knowledge that Britain is returning to the halcyon days of their youth – or middle age) and then a general election.
Simples, Colin.

Mark L Francis

Half hour later – 5,469,327 – that’s another 11,500 in 30 minutes


Wow, hardly a landslide is it?
Out of a population of?


10% of the population, still not impressive – at all
I will echo other people’s comments on this, not democratic at all.