Tiny percentage of the Isle of Wight has signed the Revoke Article 50 petition so far

Only a tiny percentage of people living on the Isle of Wight have signed the Revoke Article 50 petition. Is that any surprise given the strength of the Brexit vote here?

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The Revoke Article 50 petition is being cited by people who now don’t want the UK to Brexit as a success, because of the rate of signatures it is gaining.

Those in favour of Brexit have pointed out that the number of signatures is still significantly lower than the 17 million who voted in 2016 to leave.

The petition, launched yesterday morning (Wednesday), is titled “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU” and continues:

“The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is ‘the will of the people’. We need to put a stop to this claim by proving the strength of public support now, for remaining in the EU. A People’s Vote may not happen – so vote now.”

The level of interest in the petition accelerated after the PM’s address last night, leading to the Petition Website crashing.

Isle of Wight signatures
With a current total of 887,206 across the country (at the time of publishing), OnTheWight took a look at the number of those that are registered to the Isle of Wight.

Currently there are only 1,384 signatures on the Isle of Wight, making up just less than 1% (0.99%) of the 139,105 constituents registered here.

The Isle of Wight voted heavily in favour of Brexit in 2016, when 62% of those who voted, selected for the UK to leave Europe.

See the petition map here.

Previous ‘No Deal’ petition
Update: 14:17 – Thanks to @IWTheDarkPrince on Twitter for pointing out that back in November a petition “Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019” received 372,424 signatures, of which 1,170 signatures (0.84%) were from the Island.

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Thursday, 21st March, 2019 1:33pm


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Email updates?

Now over 2,000 signatures from the Island and over 1.25 million in total, and still rising fast. It’s a big petition however you look at it.


It is, but it only underlines that opinions are high on both sides of this debate. I see it only as people wanting to show their opinion more than one with any expectation of influence. What else could be said which hasn’t already?

Agreed about strong opinions on both sides. Can’t agree though that there isn’t anything else to be said, because most of us in Britain still know diddly squat about the rest of Europe, let alone the European Union. The mainstream media have done nothing to help change that ignorance, and have often done the opposite, spreading misinformation, so that it’s no wonder many people never bothered to… Read more »

It also can take ages until the confirmation e-mail arrives. And until you click on the link, your vote does not count.


2,281,326 at 7.00am this Friday morning.

Of course, May, the democratic one, has already said that she will ignore it, but hey maybe the Tory party will have a light bulb moment and eject her, they certainly need a lightbulb moment.

The EU is now dictating to the UK when and how it leaves the EU, well done May, well done Tory party, total failure, total chaos, total humiliation.


Your second sentence explains one of the main problems with being & remaining in the EU.. they run the UK not us. Hopefully the MPs might work this out and realise if we don’t leave we don’t need them either as EU will run the show.

The trouble with the prospect of Theresa May leaving is that there are even worse possible leaders of the Conservative Party, such as Boris Johnson. And the European Union isn’t dictating to us – they’re just trying, yet again, to point out what is reasonable, but the extreme Brexiteers don’t want what’s realistic and reasonable. We need a compromise. I still want us to remain in the… Read more »

Well over 2 million signatures now, more than 3/4 million in the past 3 hours!!!


It seems so many people on here are easily hoodwinked.. The number of signatures is not a true representation..anyone with a bit of computer knowledge about VPN’s to register multiple signatures or those in europe who wish to keep the UK onboard can put in a signature!! Its complete rubbish to try and sway leavers to switch!


You have to give your name, email address and postcode to sign. I’m pretty sure there are IT people working for Parliament who’ve put checks in place.

Mark L Francis

2,640,377 signatures 0850am 22/03/2019
One of which is mine


Well I’ve just signed. Almost 2.5 million signatures by then.

Billy Builder
This petition has now got more than 3 million signatures and is going up fast, probably 4M by the end of the day. With a 3 hour time lag between signing the petition and getting the confirmation email there will be about 250000 votes short on the current count. Interestingly the web administrators appear to have reduced the frequency of the overall count and have stopped increasing… Read more »

Front page headline clip from one of the UKs top newspapers “Brexit petition CON!”


Evidence that it’s a con please, otherwise you’re just quoting an opinion from a Brexiteer newspaper owner.

I do not agree with the result of the referendum and want a ANOTHER vote. In 1975 we were LIED to and given misinformation. Harold Wilson the then PM told the country that things would be better if it voted to remain. That was an outright LIE. Things did not improve, they got worse. John Major LIED and buried us into the now EU On the 23… Read more »
‘We voted knowing what we voted for’ But we didn’t, because the details hadn’t been worked out. And most people didn’t know – and still don’t know – what being part of the European Union does for us. ‘We didn’t ask for a deal’ But how else were we going to leave? If you get married then you expect that if you get divorced there will have… Read more »

Democracy out of the window! Thank the Lord for honest politicians with integrity and intelligence like Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and our own IoW MP Bob Seely. Forget a second referendum – the first one hasn’t been carried out yet. What ever happened to ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’?


Nigel Farage – integrity and intelligence? You are being satirical I hope!

Well micksey, you have so many thumbs down mate, it’s almost as bad as the Roman Colosseum. These people say they have 2 Million + signatures and that the government should revoke article 50. Fair comment you might say? So why then is it that 2 million + should remove the vote that 17 + million had passed through parliament with royal assent. And also that people… Read more »

I’m not convinced by this hacking claim. But in that case the obvious solution would be a general election or a referendum on whatever actual deal Parliament can agree on, or both.