Islands Roads say sorry for Newport traffic gridlock and urge drivers to avoid the area

The lights are being repaired by a mainland company and hope to be working again by the morning.

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The Isle of Wight council share this latest news. Ed

Isle of Wight motorists are being reassured that every effort is being made to repair faulty traffic lights that caused a major gridlock issue that affected roads into Newport this morning – Link Road is open one-way from Medina Way (the dual carriageway) to Fairlee Road this afternoon.

Take alternative route
Island Roads would like to apologise for inconvenience and would urge motorists to take alternative routes to and from Newport this evening, or to consider alternative travel arrangements while the problem is being resolved.

Please ensure that you have plenty of water with you if you are travelling in a vehicle, as the weather remains quite warm today.

Planned to repair overnight
A specialist mainland team with the necessary replacement parts is attending the site – Link Road (between Medina Way, the dual carriageway and Fairlee Road).

Our intention is to have the lights repaired overnight ready for Friday morning rush hour.

Not possible to quickly introduce temporary lights
Unfortunately, as the lights at this location are synchronised with those on the entire Coppins Bridge gyratory system, it is not possible to quickly introduce temporary lights without further adversely affecting all routes in and out of Coppins Bridge.

The traffic issues this morning were caused by a major fault with the traffic signals on Link Road that cannot be repaired by Island Roads staff or local emergency response engineers.

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When all roads lead through Coppins Bridge how else to get to a St Marys from East Wight suggest we get someone on the Island capable and available to repair a fault not wait days for a fix. Someone has not got their finger on the pulse in County Hall. When not where is the next cock-up going to happen

The recommendation to carry water showed they were aware that the traffic chaos was potentially life threatening so hopefully someone is already working on a better plan for next time. I can accept that it may have been impractical to use automatic temporary lights but that is exactly why there should have been a better contingency plan in place. Closing the link road and leaving traffic to… Read more »

I recall that only last week people were stating how very much improved was the traffic flow with the lights Not working at coppins bridge, !.


Medina way to Fairlee Rd is open and clear… ATM


I wonder why that’s a thumbs down ?


There are some really funny people here…