Isle of Wight councillors set next year’s budget: Live coverage

Follow the debate from the comfort of your sofa or office chair. Members will be debating the proposed Conservative-Alliance budget as well as the two alternative budgets.

voting in iwc county hall chamber

Members of the Isle of Wight council will be setting their 2017-18 budget from 5pm today (Wednesday).

OnTheWight will be reporting live on the discussions from inside the chamber. You can follow the debate on the proposed budget and two alternative budgets (Island Indies and Labour/LibDem)by watching the live updates below. Papers for the meeting are also embedded below along with the agenda for the meeting.

Live updates
The live updates that appear below from inside the chamber at County Hall will automatically refresh in the page. However, to see latest comments added to the article, you’ll need to refresh the page. Items in double brackets (()) indicate comment from the author.

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Papers for the meeting

Agenda for Feb 2017 IWC Budget meeting by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Conservative-Alliance Budget paper

Budget Paper for Feb 2017 IWC Meeting by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Labour/LibDem alternative budget

Labour Lib Dem Group – Alternative Budget by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Island Independents alternative budget

Independent Group alternative budget by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Wednesday, 22nd February, 2017 4:50pm



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32 Comments on "Isle of Wight councillors set next year’s budget: Live coverage"

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Lets see if the treacherous four and the kippers vote for the just under five percent Council tax rise as proposed by their Tory masters.


now we know the answer


Julia Jones Evans . Richard Priest – YOU’RE FIRED.

Patrick McKay

With interest rates having been so low for so long,is there any reason why the
PFI contract not been refinanced over the last few years( or has it?)

Geoff Lumley
Just to confirm the voting tonight on the Budget proposals. The 18 who voted together consistently, against amendments and for the Tory/Ukip Alliance 5% budget increase were all the 12 Tories present (2 were missing – Whittle and Bloomfield), both the 2 Ukip, and the rabble 4 – Priest, Gilbey, Blezzard and Jones-Evans. The 13 IW Indys present (Medland was missing and Jordan was effectively kicked out… Read more »
Alan Price
Wow Cllr Lumley you do make some strange claims, Cllr Priest is my ward councillor and to my knowledge he is well respected in Shanklin South, I know of only a few that feel ‘let down’ by him, in fact I know of more constituents in the ward that will be canvassing for him in May. He has been instrumental in keeping vital services open like our… Read more »
Alan Price

No comment then Cllr Lumley?

Cllr Bob Seely
I quite agree. Let’s hold Councillors to account on 4 May. The only responsible budget proposal was the one offered by the Conservative-led group, outlined by Cllrs Dave Stewart and Stuart Hutchinson. The others were election budgets promising less pain now but much more pain after the election. They were both irresponsible, designed to win votes in the short-term. Let’s also remember that the Independent group walked… Read more »
Steve Goodman
‘I quite agree. Let’s hold Councillors to account on 4 May. I am unable to justify the claim that the only responsible budget proposal was the one offered by the Conservative-led group, which was an election budget promising pain now and much more pain after the election, designed to win votes in the short-term. Let’s also remember that the Independent group did not walk away from this… Read more »
But you are a Tory, Bob. A member of the party that is destroying the NHS, Education…. In fact, its almost easier to list the things that this Tory Government have benefited. Hang on a minute, not it isn’t, because I can’t think of any. At all!! And a Tory who is part of a local administration who have climbed into bed with the Kippers. Even their… Read more »
Steve Goodman
OTW; thanks again for the reporting. Geoff; thanks again for the additional info. IWC: no thanks for behaving much as we’ve come to expect. An early example – some Dave Stewart number crunching: Less than 1 day: time needed to hear message that there should be less mention of ANOB. More than 4 years: time needed to hear message that there should be less bickering from opposition… Read more »
steve stubbings
Bob, There is only one councillor who has attended fewer meetings over the past 12 months than you and that’s Cllr Whitehouse. I am confident that a trawl through the attendance record since May 2013 would reveal a disturbingly similar pattern. You’re never here. Yet, in the run up to May’s elections, you pontificate ad nauseam on this medium and elsewhere about the perceived failings of others.… Read more »
Alan Price


And you accuse me of being extremely personal Steve….

But as it has previously been stated, you had your time in office, you wasted it so stop claiming to be a wise old sage….

And also blogging at 2:51 now that is early for the man that is an ‘early riser’.

steve stubbings

Are you sure I accused you of being ‘extremely personal’?
No sageness being claimed, just stating some facts.

Your attentions are starting to get quite unsettling.

Alan Price

I am sure in past comments you have accused me of being personal (I will not bother to supply you with any examples, as I know from past situations where I have done so you have chosen to ignore these..).

And apologies for noticing the time of your post, but i am just stating ‘facts’.

I find the mealy-mouthed apologists like Cllr Seely the most distasteful thing to deal with when it comes to issues such as budget setting. The in absentia Cllr Seely talks about “the pain” that will be felt when setting any budget, but does not mention that it is his party, the Tories who have made budgets like this necessary. How dare tories have a say, vote ,… Read more »
Ali Hayden.

A Conservative Budget that sees cuts in services to our vulnerable residents of the Island.
A 4.99% rise in Council Tax that Island Residents will struggle to find.
Is everyone aware of the ‘refurbishment’ at County Hall costing Island Residents over a million pounds?


JBS, in which way have Indies supported Unions?

Luisa Hillard

The Independents have worked closely with unions during our administration.

Quote from an Employment Committee in July 2016 “The Chair acknowledged that during the current administration the relations between the Trade Unions and Management had been positive.”

Mark Chiverton of Unison has made public statements to this effect, despite Council staff being affected by government cuts.

Cllr Bob Seely

Hi Steve,

Pitiful stuff. Feel sorry for you. Personal abuse all the way, presumably because you ran away.




Amazing stuff indeed – this from a man who posted a comment attacking Julia on the County Press site *during* the Council meeting last night.

He also has a habit of signing his attacks with ‘Kind Regards’ which I find nauseating in the extreme.

Clearly Steve you must have really irked him because you only got the regular ‘Regards’ – no kindness to be had this time!

steve stubbings

Thanks, Bob.
See you at the next full council meeting on 15 March.
I don’t suppose you’ll be down before then, will you?




Steve, you go online at 2:51am to call a fellow member of the IOW Council a charlatan, chancer and a dilettante.

You really are quite disturbed; poisoned by your own failure.

Your early morning diatribes reflect far worse on you than anyone else.

Time to log-off, me thinks!


If you are continually being poked, it is hard not to want to poke back. It also must be extremely annoying to be constantly criticised by Councillors who are rarely visit County Hall.

As for the timing, at least he did it during his own time and not during a Council meeting!

Alan Price

But he constantly criticises Cllrs Priest, Whitehouse, Whittle, Stewart, Pitcher who regularly attend council meetings, but rarely criticise him?

As for constantly being poked, surely if it is bothering you you would take yourself away from the situation?

steve stubbings

Au contraire, Al. I only *constantly* criticise Whitehouse and Stewart. The other three, hardly ever.
I actually think that Richard Priest is a capable councillor. He just let ambition get the better of him.

I hope the timing of this post doesn’t cause you too much consternation. ;-)


The question is: why do you keep poking so?

Alan Price
Ernest, The 2 real questions are: 1. If Cllr Stubbings was not prepared to receive harsh comments, then why has heembarked on a career in politics? – As we all know you can’t please all of the people all of the time. 2. I think you and I will both agree that Cllr Stubbings does his fair share of poking, so if he is not prepared to… Read more »
Alan Price
Is this truly what you believe Steve? I have seen numerous threads in which you have criticised Cllrs Whittle, Pitcher, and more recently Cllr Seely. But yes the timing of your post now reassures me that you do not, on a daily basis, have extremely high levels of pent up aggression that you feel the need to release to OTW at ‘silly oclock’, I’m only trying to… Read more »
steve stubbings

‘Wightlad’, One other observation about Bob, he’s a tory Isle of Wight councillor who posts under his real name. That’s a rare thing around these parts and I give him credit for that.

steve stubbings

Not at all, ‘wightlad’. Bob was all those things long before my failure.


You can see why we need a different system.