Isle of Wight council’s latest plan to lure drivers to use Floating Bridge

Scheme being introduced to encourage use of the Floating Bridge over the winter and runs until 31st March

floating bridge back in service

A special extra winter discount offer is being introduced for cars using Cowes floating bridge from 11th November.

The offer, which will run until 31st March next year, will see the cost of a crossing reduced from £2 to £1.80 for saver card holders and from £2.60 to £2.40 for non-saver card holders.

The new discount is in addition to the offer of free saver cards during the St Mary’s improvement works.

To encourage use of the floating bridge during the winter
Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, Cllr Ian Ward, said:

“We are bringing in this additional scheme to further encourage use of the floating bridge during the winter, as well as during the St Mary’s improvement works.

“We are promoting the discount to businesses in both Cowes and East Cowes, and are also contacting existing saver card holders – as well as the usual social media messages for the public.”

Get your saver card
You can collect a saver card by visiting Hall’s Premier Stores in East Cowes and Rashley’s Stores in Cowes, as well as asking the crew on the floating bridge.

Details on how to top up your saver card can be found on the Website.

Friday, 8th November, 2019 12:13pm



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10 Comments on "Isle of Wight council’s latest plan to lure drivers to use Floating Bridge"

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Beggars belief. 20p. Who thinks up this rubbish?

The best incentive to use the floatie would be a reliable service running every day without fail.


Steady on Colin. Reliable service? You know that’s never going to happen.

Benny C

Ian Ward approves this nonsense. It shows what an inept out of touch Councillor he is. Embarrassing, under qualified and needs removing.


When will the IW Council Legal Services take some pecuniary action against the Naval Architects and Marine Engineers whom they paid to design and build this inadequate Floating Bridge?

Benny C
The silence from the awful Ian Ward on this obvious course of action begs a serious question about how watertight the procurement contract he oversaw actually was. Maybe he didn’t bother to read it. Weak leadership, terrible contractual management, opaque accountability, an appalling consistent lack of judgement and ineffective governance . We should demand this is called out for the ineptitude it is, everyone should doorstep these… Read more »

Maybe the can’t because contractually they messed up.


Should be a free service plus free council tax when considering all the wasted money and continual unacceptable problems. Best thing to do is take out in the middle of the ocean blow it up and get our money back.


It’s still £3.60 or £4.80 for a return trip which is ludicrously expensive for such a tiny distance. And what about foot passengers? Don’t they deserve a discount after all the inconvenience they have suffered.


Maybe Islanders should ask each General Election candidate what measurable action they would take to change or improve this nonsense?


I assumed the plan would be to have 100% reliability as an incentive to use it. Even if you used it 10 times a week the discount would not get you a coffee. Jokers.