Isle of Wight Green candidate says let’s fight Conservatives together

The Isle of Wight Green Party Parliamentary Candidate has written to local progressive party leaders (Labour, Liberal Democrat, Independents), asking them to embrace a new way forward for politics on the Island.

Vix Lowthion - green scarf

This in from Vix Lowthion. Ed

Vix Lowthion, selected as Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight Green Party only four months ago, has today written to local progressive party leaders (Labour, Liberal Democrat, Independents), in the light of the announcement of a June General Election, to ask them to embrace a new way forward for politics on the Island.

She said,

“Now is the time to put party politics to one side, and unite behind our Island’s best way forward to put an end to 16 years of having a Conservative MP.

“I am the only currently declared Parliamentary candidate, and likely to be the only candidate who fought the 2015 election who will stand again. Two years ago we came from 900 Green votes in 2010 to over 9,000 in 2015 – a proven track record in getting out a progressive vote.

“As a parent, teacher and campaigner I have grown massively in all aspects of experience in the last two years.

“I really feel that Theresa May’s decision to go to the polls is a golden opportunity for Island people and politics to be put first on this occasion. It’s the only way to get a strong, local, forward-thinking voice for Islanders!

“I ask you to go to your party members with a determination to find an agreed and unified way forward, and give our Island a future to be proud of.”

Tuesday, 18th April, 2017 2:17pm



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Email updates?


If you are talking about rigging the possible General Election to restrict my choice of candidate to between Turner and some ant-Turner / Tory coalition candidate then Turner gets my vote.

If I do not get to chose who I vote *for* I will vote *against* the candidate of those who would chose to restrict my choice and my access to democracy.

Geoff Lumley

Are you aware that the Conservative party, like the Labour party, is a broad coalition of people with differing political views, created to engage with the ‘first past the post’ system? And restricting your ‘choice of candidate’?

The Labour party has always ranged from social democrats to Marxists, all opposed to the Conservatives; the Tories from liberal capitalists to rabid reactionaries, all against anything even vaguely socialist.

I notice you don’t mention the Green Party, there Geoff. Or the Lib Dems. Or, for that matter, UKIP. It should be up to *me* to read the Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem, Green, UKIP, etc, manifestos. Listen to their arguments. Hear the debates. Then I should be able to decide which party and candidate is most in tune with my own views and vote for them. What Vix… Read more »
Steve Goodman
As we don’t have any form of PR, just our discredited FPTP system now rigged in favour of a Con. government voted in by less than a quarter of electors, it’s very likely that a lot of politically tribal and other people will be disappointed again anyway; it’s probably helpful for voters to check the ‘who should I vote for’ list of questions like those from the… Read more »
If Vix (or anyone else) wants to stand as an anti-Turner / anti-Conservative candidate then they should stand as just that. Not Green, not Labour, Not Lib-Dem. Wanting people who would wish to vote Lib-Dem (for example) to vote Labour (again, for example), because the alternative (Conservative) is worse is not only anti-democratic, it is also liable to backfire. Badly. The problem with the notion of other… Read more »
Steve Goodman
I assumed that would be part of any discussion of this from what Vix said (“Now is the time to put party politics to one side, and unite behind our Island’s best way forward to put an end to 16 years of having a Conservative MP.”) Now our voting choice has effectively reduced to nothing better than a ‘cons or nons’, I also have good cause to… Read more »
Well Geoff anyone who criticises Jeramy Corbyn has or is being driven out of the Labour Party. Even your post show’s you have little regard for anyone other than the extreme left. All the hard work Stewart Blackmore has put in for the Island over the years has been squandered for the sake ultra left drivel that the electorate continually votes against. Stop lecturing and start listening… Read more »
Eric Lawson
By all means Suruk, have a look at your Labour, Libdem and UKIP alternatives. There isn’t a lot to choose from. What Vix is proposing, is a strategy to overturn the stranglehold the conservatives have upon the country, using a very unfair voting system. This is a nationwide proposition from the Progressive Alliance. I trust you are aware that the last General Election was won by the… Read more »

So I’m not a “decent person” because I feel rigging an election is wrong?

Nice to know where I stand.

Eric Lawson
Its not rigging an election Suruk (whoever you are). Its a reasonable tactic, necessary due to the extremely unfair electoral rules in force in this country. And read what I wrote properly. It wasn’t about you. The decency comment is in regard to the austerity measures (and their continued impact) put in place by the Tory Government quite a few years ago, in response to the banking… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Not sure what is ‘progressive’ about the LibDems. One of their’s is currently supping with the Tory and Ukip devils at County Hall (Blezzard). And their sell-out record in the 2010-15 Coalition Government was a disgrace.


There is nothing progressive about the Lib Dems or the Labour Party
(Jeremy Corbin ?) and we’ve watched the Independents here on the Island so we’ve got their number. The Greens don’t really count do they ?
So let the fun begin !

Steve Goodman
Is there still much electoral ‘fun’ to be had by those who really care about what really matters? Not only do the Greens ‘count’, but green politics and action is needed increasingly urgently to halt and reverse the damage from too much ‘business as usual’ politics. The Island is lucky to have Vix volunteering to help all of us, and the last election showed support rightly rising… Read more »
Iain McKie

Alas, your Green candidate appeared to know nothing about Climate policy during a debate last year. My suspicion has always been that her green credentials have always been a cloak of convenience.


Rather like your UKIP credentials, then.

Steve Goodman
My suspicion is that your suspicion is unfounded and/ or malicious; Vix is a mature intelligent articulate teacher and mother, who has become active in politics for all the right reasons. Regarding climate policy; we all know what it should be, if only because everyone important told us at the last climate crisis conference. What we need are people like Vix who are more likely to make… Read more »
If you genuinely see the LibDems as a “progressive” after their propping up of the Tory onslaught on public services and ordinary people of 2010-2015, then it goes some way to explaining why the Greens are never going to be a real opposition to the Tories. The LibDems under Tim Farron have already said they would happily go into coalition to prop up another Tory government. This… Read more »

You really think in a climate of Labour sliding in the polls, that this is the moment the Isle of Wight will for the first time ever, elect a Labour MP?

Well they sure as eggs won’t be electing a Green or a LibDem. Anyway, much can happen in a campaign. Most people aren’t political anoraks, and many only focus on policies during the last weeks of a campaign. Various events can spring from nowhere (2015 was derailed, for example, by the unrelenting focus on Scotland, which nobody pre-campaign expected). Two weeks ago, Melenchon, the left-winger in the… Read more »

What would be the point of electing a Labour government? More factions than all the other parties put together.
We need a united front to combat the damage done and intended by the Tories. There’s only one group that can deliver that, and Vix is the obvious leader.

Steve Goodman

Contradictory; as we have all seen, voting predictions, and much else, has become even more unreliable in recent times, and the only certainty is that we can and should do better.

The good causes worth fighting for; people and our planet.


Suruk the Slayer who ever takes any notice of your negativity ? answer ….Nobody
Change the record


That isn’t negativity. That is questioning the notion that restricting voters ability to chose is ever a good thing.

As to how many take my opinion seriously? Far more than that of someone whose first comment in this debate is to throw a crude insult, I think.

Some people just don’t get Unity against a common adversary do they ? Well done for putting Ego to one side Vix and making it about being the best for the people and not for yourself! You came third in the last General election and UIP presence disappeared with Brexit .so you are the real choice. Instead of Whingeing Julia why don’t you see the realism in… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

For Labour its never about ego. Its always about values and principles. Since 1989 I have yet to work for a Labour candidate on the Island who did it for egotistical reasons. I can’t say the same for some other ‘centre-left’ candidates


Obviously Bones has been asleep since 2014 or he would have seen that Greens came third to UKIP who have disappeared and have made huge progress and are standing 25 candidates in the County election..they are the obvious choice her on the Island
Id say they count for a great deal. .Please try to keep up …


Just because we happen to have a good Green candidate here it doesn’t mean the whole country will vote Green.
The LibDems are willing to go into coalition with any party that Is kind to them.
Labour are a busted flush.

Who does that leave ?

Steve Goodman
That leaves us in our present ‘less than a quarter of the votes con. government’ mess, and needing whoever is in power to get greener urgently (as agreed at the last climate crisis conference), and so needing more Greens and other non-cons/ non business as usual politicians to be voted in to start working together to try to halt and if possible reverse the damage for the… Read more »
Ali Hayden
I am standing as an Independent Candidate in the forthcoming Isle Of Wight Local Council Election on May 4th. Over the past few months I’ve spoken to lots of people in Arreton + Newchurch Ward. What is so very clear is that they are all fed up with Political Parties of every colour + combination. Most think that it makes no difference whether they vote or not,… Read more »

You want to be a councillor yet are too lazy to spell the word ‘and’. Maths uses the symbol + not the English language.


Just because you are trying to resist a planning application in their village it doesn’t mean the local electorate are going to vote for the Independants.

Ali Hayden.
Alan and Bones, I appreciate both your comments, thank you. I haven’t ‘just’ fought a planning application in Arreton village. I, along with most of the village, disputed the Housing Needs Survey which was carried out by the developer to achieve a result that did not represent the true picture of Housing Needs in Arreton. We had many meetings with the planning department and helped draw up,… Read more »
Jim Moody
Use of the word ‘progressive’ lets the reactionary (i.e. pro-capitalist, anti-socialist) cat out of the green bag. Like ‘independent’ it has been a cover word to deny democratic advance to the overwhelming majority for at least a century. The real contest is between the democratic socialist Labour Party and the bourgeois (i.e. pro-capitalist) parties on the Island in this election. The Labour Party stands foursquare for increasing… Read more »
As a voter with no particular party to support I welcome an election. I can’t wait to read manifestos. However typically I need to like the person also. Vix appears nice but I can’t get pass the fact that standing for county councillor and parish and now parliamentary candidate is a bit more than she can chew. Andrew Turner like him loath him has always replied to… Read more »
fact check

Vix isn’t standing for county councillor! Where did you read that?

Stephen Cockett

“The Labour Party stands foursquare for increasing democracy”
How can you square that statement with Labours opposition to AV in the referendum of 2011?
A move that must surely be regretted now.

PR not AV

Because AV (alternative vote) doesn’t increase democracy! PR does


Labour officially supported the AV referendum, although as with all parties, some members campaigned on the other side.

Steve Goodman
Agreed that we need more like Geoff (and Stewart), but even more grateful that Vix is willing to help us all – she’s exceptional, not just nice; she knows about what most matters and what our options are, she’s intelligent, articulate, compassionate, and capable enough to do the job well. I wouldn’t be supporting her if I thought that she was ‘biting off more than she can… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

AV is not a proportional representation system. It was a sop to Clegg and the LDs. As a recent convert to PR, I would still campaign against AV.

Lisa, I write frequently to Andrew Turner about social welfare, human rights, animal welfare, tax evasion, the frightening power of multinationals, and especially environmental issues that concern me, but very rarely do I receive any personal response from him. Yes, he does reply to most of my email, but these are stock government responses. I am left with an empty feeling that making the effort to write… Read more »
billy builder
I would suggest that this election is different from any other in that it will dictate the course of our joint future for generations. We can either be an inward looking little England riven by bigotry and racism or we can be an integrated UK that is outward looking, embracing the EU and the wider world. We need a candidate that can unite the centre left and… Read more »
billy builder

banner – even


Vix is a breath of fresh air and a very capable candidate who would put Island and Islanders first. If we want a compassionate, green future for the isle of Wight then Vix is the answer.

iain mckie

Any candidate who is pro wind turbine and anti monarchy is unlikely to ever win here I’d think.

You don’t want a wind turbine, but I assume you’re happy to have oil rigs in Compton bay and Fracking in Arreton valley? That’s what the Tory’s want, they’ve issued the licenses! Labour have never got anywhere on the island and the LibDems finished a distant last in 2015. So if you’re not a Tory, if you want an NHS, if you want a crack free island…..… Read more »
You know this “Labour have never got anywhere on the island” business? -Labour has more island members than the Greens -Labour has more Councillors than the Greens -Labour has more candidates than the Greens -Labour considered its 2015 vote a disappointment. The Greens considered their near-identical vote a tremendous triumph -In the last council elections, Labour’s vote dwarfed the risible Green result. So in exactly which universe… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Universal laws, logic, and reasoning mean that we all urgently need to get greener; ultimately there is no alternative, and the sooner we do it, the cheaper it will be, and the less painful it will be. Political dominance is not worth the worry, but doing the right thing is. By now we should all be getting on with the stuff that really matters, and more co-operation… Read more »

Labour doesn’t even have a candidate yet and won’t until next month? Meanwhile Vix has two years campaigning under her belt and is leading the debate and headlines already.

Steve Goodman

? The pros and cons of monarchy must be way way down any lists of what needs more attention, and any irresponsible candidate failing to look at the accepted urgent need for transition to cleaner safer sustainable wind and other options is guaranteeing that we all lose.

(Which reminds me that our next king also seems to be very keen on green solutions to our common crises.)

East Cowes

Vix is way too green…as in ‘inexperienced’. Unfortunately, she’d be eaten alive in Westminster. She shouldn’t be standing on an “experience” platform.

Steve Goodman

? There are good grounds to think otherwise of Vix, and our best MPs include ‘inexperienced’ but very capable people like Mhairi Black.

East Cowes
Mhairi Black is only good at talking and not at delivery. Her own party stabs her in the back behind the scenes on a regular basis. Inexperience is not what the island needs right now. I don’t support Andrew Turner, but overall there is not much choice due to severe lack of experience, so I will have to make my decision on whatever feels like a tactical… Read more »
Steve Goodman
? MB was included partly because despite her youth she is a good speaker, a good opposition MP, and she has complained that not enough gets done in Parliament, so I’m now wondering if there is any evidence of ‘non-delivery’ or regular back stabbing. Having seen decades of damage done by ‘experienced’ politicians and how good some of our politically ‘inexperienced’ but wise, well-meaning, and hard working… Read more »

Vix may talk a lot, but when she talks it makes sense. Moreover, her heart is in the right place. That combination is worth gold.

Alan Adshead
Gosh, you seem to have stirred up lots of negative responses to what you are suggesting? I too believe that the island’s current representation in Parliament is ineffective. In trying to change that, we do need to think along the lines that its time we had an MP who’s priority is to represent the Island and not be restrained by some UK wide political affiliations whoever they… Read more »
I can assure you the Labour Party doesn’t see it as a backwater, Alan. There’s a reason behind us putting up more candidates than anyone but the Tories. We’re using our 1200 members on the island to actually fight. I think the general view of our party members is that just because we haven’t done as well as we might have liked in the past, doesn’t mean… Read more »
If Ms Lothian wants to stand as an Island Alliance candidate then I strongly suggests she leaves the Greens and set it up. The electorate can then decide. We have already witnessed the Greens ability to run a city, Brighton, they ran it into the ground. Bin strikes, rubbish left in the streets for weeks. Pay slashed by up to £4,000 for refuse collectors and street cleaners.… Read more »
Agreed. Any candidate who stands as the “Island Alliance” candidate should stand on a manifesto for the Island and nothing else. As for Labour? I’m hoping (vainly, it seems) that Labour MP’s will not give May the 2/3 majority she needs to call this election. If Labour go into a General Election with Corbyn as leader they will be massacred at the polls and we will have… Read more »
Stewart Blackmore
As usual, Ms Lowthian makes statements without possibly knowing who will be standing against her. Everybody – even the Greens – was taken by surprise by this cynical Prime Minister’s announcement. There is ONLY one left-of-centre party capable of forming a government on June 8th and that is the Labour Party. There is no possibility that the Greens could form a government. And, of course, she has… Read more »
Steve Goodman
That’s not right. Firstly, the possibility of a ‘snap’ early election has been talked about by some political pundits and insiders, and was discussed at the recent Green party conference. The Greens were ready to respond with a tv broadcast yesterday evening. Part of our present problem is also the state of the Labour Party and it’s weak opposition to a harmful gov’t. Generally, as there now… Read more »
m coakley
Presumably Ms Lowthion will conduct her campaign according to the spirit as well as the letter of the laws governing UK elections in the interests of democracy. Greenpeace has just been fined £30,000 and Friends of the Earth £10,000 by the Electoral Commission (EC) for breaches of rules governing expenditure and registration in the 2015 election. Separately numerous Tory MPs have been reported to the both the… Read more »
Steve Goodman
? No reason to presume otherwise, unlike the tainted tories earning maximum fines and possible prosecutions for election cheating. (Which could possibly be a contributory reason for Mrs May’s latest change of principles). The unjust fines for FOE and GP are a reminder of the undemocratic imposition of the seriously controversial lobbying law opposed and condemned by a coalition of 160 charities including the Salvation Army, the… Read more »
Mark Rees
I’m sure all this “progressive alliance” stuff is very good PR, and I certainly have nothing against the Greens, but a couple of points stick out: 1. Viewing the Lib Dems as “anti-Tory” requires both an extremely short memory, and having missed their continued refusal to rule out another coalition with the Tories. 2. Given that the Greens only have one seat that the Tories won’t win,… Read more »

Vix needs to get on to local council first and prove her worth. She needs to be tried and tested in the chamber first. I’m hearing that most the candidates are ‘paper only’, electorate deserves better than that.

Steve Goodman

Vix has already proved her worth to thousands of us, and is unable to stand for election to the IOW council only because the rules have unfairly penalised her for being a good teacher.

Geoff Lumley

Steve. You are beginning to sound like a member of some sort of cult :-) No human is as perfect as you are suggesting Vix is.

Steve Goodman

Never suggested perfection, just our best option, for all the reasons given.

Geoff Lumley

You could have fooled me. Your puppy like devotion is very sweet

Steve Goodman

Just seen this; sorry to discover Geoff may now be susceptible to being easily fooled by reading something never written. His puppy like party devotion seems to have have made him sour.

PS We’re all still waiting to hear if there’s a Lab. candidate more deserving of island votes than Vix.


No humans are perfect, but some are more perfect than others. It is paramount that the progressive parties get together to defeat the arcane, Stone Age policies of the current Government. Leave tribalism aside and work together for a just, humane and compassionate society, where the poor and downtrodden are not forgotten and where the Planet finally gets a voice.

I don’t have a tribe. I’m a proud member of the largest political party in western Europe: Labour. It’s a broad church, and includes everyone from Peter Mandelson to Jeremy Corbyn. There are committed environmentalists in here. Passionate liberals. Working class warriors and middle-class intellectuals. Brexiters and Remainers. Northerners, Southerners and Islanders. I don’t understand why some small groups consider themselves so different, or indeed so specialised… Read more »

Mentioning Corbin and Mandelson isn’t the best way of gathering votes for Labour !


The one thing that is blindingly obvious is that Labour is going backwards in this election. The only way that Turner will be beaten is by a candidate that has some prospect of picking up MORE votes than last time, and that surely is not going to be the Labour Party, which is on the defensive across the country.


Reopen Seaview Wildlife encounter best place on the island and a disgrace this park has been allowed to shut.

Isle of wight council should be held responsible for not saving one of the best animal encounter parks in the whole of the UK, it’s a disgrace that this park has been allowed to close.
Now Vote for a party not intent on destroying your Island


Lets stop the infighting and start working together for a more humane, green and clean world. For that every progressive voice is needed – now more than ever.