Isle of Wight Green Party call for delay in reopening primary schools

As some councils across the country delay reopening schools, the Isle of Wight Green Party ask why the local council are still pressing ahead


Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party Spokesperson and Green Party national spokesperson for Education shares this latest news. Ed

Isle of Wight Green Party call for the wider opening of our Primary Schools to be delayed. More Councils across England have announced today that they are instructing their primary schools to not open up for more pupils on Monday 1st June.

Why is the Isle of Wight Council not one of them?

Councils delaying reopening
The list includes Sheffield City Council, whose Director of Public Health says he ‘does not feel assured’ that the rate of infection of Coronavirus has reduced to manageable levels, that a comprehensive Test and Trace operation is functioning, and that there is adequate PPE for staff.

Other councils which are advising against the wider opening of our primary schools include: Lancashire, Nottingham and even Southampton City Council who have said they would be ‘taking a flexible approach’.

Full steam ahead
Why are the Isle of Wight Council not being equally as responsible, and advising headteachers and governors as a minimum that they do not need to open unless they are confident that it is safe to do so?

Yesterday’s report from the scientists on the Independent SAGE group say that opening schools in three days’ time ‘threatens not just the health of school communities but also of wider society.’ Mary Bousted of the National Education Union questions “Why, when the rest of the country is still required to observe social distancing, is it safe for schools not to?”

Lowthion: Blind loyalty to political party’s leadership
Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party spokesperson, said,

“It seems that this government, and the Isle of Wight Council, are prioritising the economy and blind loyalty to their own political party’s leadership, rather than the safety of Islanders at this fragile time of lockdown easing.”

Both Cllr Paul Brading and Cllr Claire Mosdell are the IW Council Cabinet members with responsibility for the safety of children and the wider Public Health status of the Isle of Wight.

If they do not advise the schools who are unsure they can meet the safety regulations that they can delay wider opening, then they must be held accountable for the health and safety consequences of potentially a hundred extra children at each of our school gates on Monday morning.

Lowthion: Delaying opening a responsible and supportive action
Vix concludes,

“To open our primary schools, our outdoor retail, and also to allow households to meet up all on the same day next week will present a risk to our recovery from this virus.

“The Isle of Wight Council must advise our schools that delaying opening will be a responsible and supportive action to take.”

Image: Ryan Stanton under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 29th May, 2020 1:06pm



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Vix Lowthion seems to miss the point that the economy is what pays her wages via taxation. No tax revenue no money for schools and teachers. And her desire for schools to stay shut will prevent people from returning to work and escalating poverty.

Rhos yr Alarch

Part of the tragedy is that a second wave of the virus will cause far more damage to the economy that waiting a few weeks more before easing the lockdown…

In a 2003 study on unemployment in the Journal of Health Economics stated, unemployment increases the risk of being dead from 5.36 to 7.83%, i.e. an increased risk of 46%. More lockdown then equals more deaths, and a 2009 study on the impact of the 1980s oil crisis and subsequent recession in Pennsylvania, published by economists Daniel Sullivan and Till von Wachter in the Quarterly Journal of… Read more »
If Test and Trace had been up and running over ten weeks ago, as happened in some other countries, we could be more safely easing lockdown now. But then the Government was talking of letting ‘herd immunity’ take its course. Now they have rushed to bring in an app to roll out across the country, and of course there are ‘teething problems’ And immediately after that, Boris… Read more »

My view is that everyone over 65 or so, or has health issues, or lives with/comes into regular contact with someone in that category stay at home, otherwise go out and lead as normal a life as possible until (if) you fall ill. The lockdown is causing awful economic conditions unnecessarily.


Boris Johnson wasn’t in any of those categories, and look what happened to him!

Angela Hewitt

I am guessing that anyone who thinks over 65’s and vulnerable should stay locked down while the rest live normal lives is either young with no life experiences, old and enjoying the lock-down or selfish!


“To open our primary schools, our outdoor retail, and also to allow households to meet up all on the same day next week will present a risk to our recovery from this virus.”

We aren’t “recovering from the virus”. Antibody tests show a very low take-up, hence the easing.