Isle of Wight has highest percentage of secondary school absentee rates in country

The number of absentee pupils rose in 2011-12 rose from the previous year’s figures.


Figures released from the Department for Education last month show that secondary schools on the Isle of Wight have the highest percentage of absentees and persistent absentees than anywhere else in England.

Figures for 2011-12 reveal that secondary schools reported 8.4% of absentees (5.9% the England average), with 13.6% of persistent absentees (7.4% the England average).

This was a rise from the previous year, 2010-11, which showed 7.6% and 8.4% respectively for the Isle of Wight.

Absentee rates questioned in Scrutiny Panel
Readers might remember one of the proposed minute amendments suggested by Dave Miller to the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel meeting last month, was in relation to worsening attendance rates.

He’d wanted to see included in the minutes:

A member of the panel sought clarification of the national secondary attendance rate, given the report stated that our figure of 88.7% was below average.

Upon provision of the answer (94%), the panel considered that it would be desirable for future reporting to be clearer.

The proposed amendment to the official minutes was rejected by the Chairman Cllr George Cameron.

Full details of LA statistics can be found on the Department for Education’s website.

Image: Ryan Stanton under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 11th April, 2013 4:46pm



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12 Comments on "Isle of Wight has highest percentage of secondary school absentee rates in country"

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steve s

So… the worst GCSE results in the country AND the highest percentage absentee rates.
There’s a chicken and egg to ponder.

Either way, there’s not much good news around is there?

Patrick mckay

As David Pugh said , ” I want to be judged on my track record ” . Well , I think he will be!.

Don’t believe the stats! Investigating alleged absentee rates of two of my grand-children, it was discovered that they were being marked “absent” when: * the teacher did not turn up to do the register: * the teacher did not turn up-period: * the school was closed for staff teaching/training days i.e. five compulsory “Baker Days” in term time each years: * the school was closed for weather… Read more »
Island Monkey
It’s OK, David Pugh believes education on the Island will all come right, one day soon. He also believes he’ll beat Richard Priest in Shanklin, and that in just a few weeks, he will be proudly leading a newly re-elected Tory IOW council. Come the 25th of December, I suspect he may also believe he will be opening all the presents Santa will have left at the… Read more »
Simon Says
Crikey – these absentee rates are going to go through the roof when This Man finally takes over from Steve Beynon next month. Perhaps the Boy Blunder is using the angry man as part of his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang storyboard and how to raise standards? Not sure about ‘Faith’ though as BB will have to work with Christ The King College guru Chris Whitehouse if he… Read more »
Billy Builder

Hi Simon,

When you say this man, I assume your talking about the Councils archetypal colonial bully, who would appear to have modelled himself on a Dickensian workhouse manager – Lovely

Lets hope that whatever administration is in place post election, that they are able to see peoples true value.

I would not be surprised that the statistics are faulty. Kids being marked absent on Baker days or an absent teacher is just about the incompetence level one would expect. One year I had a class of low level adult learners. Year-end statistics showed that an unacceptable number had dropped out of the course. I was assumed to be at fault. Had they bothered to ask reasons… Read more »

If Cicero’s list of ‘absentee’ reasons is correct wouldn’t those anomalies also apply to the rest of the country’s results? Which would still put the Island at the highest percentage rate.


Why would it apply nationwide? It could be that the only incompetents entering the data are on the Island.

@Bystander. “If Cicero’s list of ‘absentee’ reasons is correct wouldn’t those anomalies also apply to the rest of the country’s results?” Only if the rest of the country was plagued by the deleterious effects on education by an incompetence in changing of the education infrastructure linked to the failed and failing “Academy” system. Further, only if the rest of the country was saddled with the same system… Read more »
L R Traite
Statistical error may be as common across the other 150 schools in the survey, or perhaps the Island is more error prone than the others! Unfortunately what is not in doubt is that we have problems at GCSE level and according to Ofsted Inspection results across our secondary schools. It may be argued that the examination and Ofsted systems are wrong.The whole country is stuck with that.… Read more »
Mike Powell
This latest set of data only serves to compound what was already a truly depressing and deeply concerning pattern of failure of the Island’s children and their future. At the heart of them all: schools in special measures, poor GCSE results, child protection measures judged as inadequate, and highest national truancy rates; must lie a catastrohpic failure of leadership. Blaming parents, or individual managers, or whoever else… Read more »